For Sudoku and number puzzles aficionados’ a brand new number puzzle – Hi-Lo the easy but infuriatingly challenging number sequence puzzle has been released as an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – try it and see.

London, 24th May 2011 - Hi-Lo new from the publishers of WordSeek, the popular word search puzzle app, is an intriguing new puzzle that picks up where Sudoku left off. Hi-lo delivers a completely new number challenge that is addictive and compelling. Eye to Eye Media and HG Apps Store have combined to bring this intriguing number puzzle to the smartphone and tablet platform for people who like to challenge their brains with something new.

Hi-Lo provides a range of number grids, getting harder as they get larger and all that the player has to do is fill each row and column with the numbers 1 to 4 (or 1 to 5, and 1 to 6, in the larger puzzles) according to the simple ‘hi-lo’ rule: a number directly to the left of a > sign is greater than the one directly to the right of it, while a number directly above a V is greater than the one directly below it. Simple – or is it!

Like Suduko, Hi-Lo is a really easy concept that offers a new type of challenge to people who enjoy spending time doing number puzzles, often whilst commuting, relaxing or as part of a daily routine, like doing the crossword. Hi-Lo is addictively simple to learn and in the early stages relatively easy to do but gets increasingly difficult as the grids get larger. There is only one correct answer to each puzzle!

This new app available now from the Apple App Store as free to download with 10 games included and then users can download the in app packs with either 60 or 150 more tortuous puzzles to entertain for hours. Easy to use on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, Hi-Lo challenges your brain, focuses your mind and for many people will be an interesting addition to other number puzzles enjoyed. Each puzzle is timed and players will enjoy trying to beat their own best times to show that they are mastering it. Puzzles like this are, according to research, said to be excellent for delaying conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and in helping to keep the brain active and many older people are already seeing the advantages of using an iPad.

Guy Haslam, Managing Editor, Eye to Eye Publishing says “Number puzzles are great for passing the time whilst simultaneously challenging your brain; they help in the teaching of logic and patterns. Hi-Lo is fantastic for the daily commute to work, filling in spare time, entertaining the kids, Hi-Lo combines addictive fun with learning because it is so intuitive to use on the smartphone platform.”

Hi-Lo is available for download now free from the Apple iTunes App Store for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. An Android version is coming soon. Visit for more apps from HG Apps Store.

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Published on: 10:02AM on 26th May 2011