SEO in Kent, a digital marketing company focusing on copywriting, SEO, and social media campaigns, is today introducing its new suite of services to the business community of Kent.

The new business, according to the owner and operator who goes by the same name as the company - SEO in Kent – offers SEO services that are aimed at offering local businesses greater exposure and increased business.

“It not that what we are offering is unique, but the fact that is that we will beat my competitors’ quotes is what makes us unusual,” said SEO in Kent, who doesn’t have the large overheads of many of the SEO agencies around, which is something that allows them to undercut their competitors.

Claiming their company offers the best affordable and quality SEO services in Kent, SEO in Kent is also staking their company’s reputation on the fact that they have many more years of training, experience, and exposure in digital marketing, copywriting, and SEO than others who offer similar services.

“One of the noted benefits to patronizing us,” said SEO in Kent, “is the fact that clients will notice an immediate increase and marked improvement in their companies’ exposure.

“Let’s take a solicitor, for example, who has never used SEO before to attract new clients or for a business that is not happy with its current SEO provider’s service. This is where we come in and make a marked difference. If we aren’t able to help you increase your exposure and drive more business to your business, then you’ll get your money back, no questions asked,” guaranteed SEO in Kent.

SEO in Kent is a family run business where they put the customer first and they are the most affordable around in this area, but they do not sacrifice cheap work with quality.

For further information, contact: SEO In Kent, SEO Consultant

01795 228901

Published on: 1:11PM on 5th July 2011