18 July 2011

Cambridge-based software innovator Third Light Ltd. has released Intelligent Media Server (IMS) v6.0, a new standard for user-friendly digital asset management software.

Third Light IMS v6.0 is the latest evolution in a product line that has been evolving for 10 years. Version 6.0 is a digital asset management solution designed around the practical needs of business users with an intuitive interface to simplify search and retrieval tasks. It's designed with usability and convenience in mind, to make working with creative assets more enjoyable.

New features released with IMS v6.0 include:

- Totally fresh, new user interface throughout
- Faster, smarter and more interactive user experience
- Personal page layouts for each user
- Enhanced workflow tools for uploads and downloads
- Easier to use downloads with cropping and conversion features
- Powerful new console view for files and metadata editing
- New conversational sharing features for collaborating on lightboxes
- Search engine with intelligent guidance as you browse

Founder and CEO, Michael Wells, explains why usablity was particularly targeted by Third Light:

"Digital asset management software needs to be usable in order to be adopted. Users expect convenience and high standards of functionality without trade offs. Third Light IMS v6.0 is our answer to DAM users who expect outstanding, uncompromising usability. IMS v6.0 features a highly-evolved user interface, faster and more natural workflow tools and new assistants and wizard."

"IMS v6.0 marks a significant new offering in the market for digital asset management software solutions, incorporating enhancements which are all focused on a single purpose. In IMS v6.0, our mission was to produce the most usable digital asset management system in the world."

For more details please visit www.thirdlight.com where screenshots and further details are available, or contact Roland Henry at roland.henry@thirdlight.com to arrange a demonstration.

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What's new in IMS v6.0?

Screenshots of IMS v6.0:

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About Third Light Ltd:

Third Light is a digital asset management software business based in Cambridge, UK, founded in 2002 and privately held by the founders. The company was built around academic and technology connections with Cambridge University.

IMS (Intelligent Media Server) is a business-grade digital asset management system, designed for centralised web access. Third Light has over 400 clients around the world in sectors as diverse as education to sport and not-for-profits to large corporations - all with a common goal to better manage and utilize valuable digital resources. Key clients include Cisco, Nike, Fujitsu, Imagination Technologies, Xstrata plc and the Toronto Star.

Published on: 10:41AM on 18th July 2011