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25 January 2005 ~ Weybridge, Surrey ~ Actinic, the UK's best-selling ecommerce software supplier, today announces the forthcoming release of a multi-user version of Actinic Business, its mid-range ecommerce solution for more advanced and higher volume ecommerce sites. See www.actinic.co.uk/products/multi-user.htm for full details.

Actinic Business Multi-user Version was developed in response to user feedback and market research, to meet the needs of growing ecommerce businesses. It offers significant additional benefits incremental to Actinic Business, and dramatically increases order processing capacity and efficiency for sites with high order volumes. It also allows entrepreneurs to open and manage unlimited numbers of web stores from a single licence.
Added benefits include:

* Increased capacity
Actinic Business Multi-user Version allows up to 6 PCs to process online and offline orders simultaneously, but prevents more than one user processing the same order at the same time. Prices of both online orders and offline orders can be adjusted during processing. The current status of all orders is displayed on all PCs.

* Increased efficiency
One Click Order Processing. This time-saving feature allows multiple functions to be completed in a single action, including printing the invoice, printing a packing list, marking the order as paid and sending a dispatch confirmation email. The Administrator can customise the one click operation according to the requirements of the business and update the product catalogue from any PC.

* Greater flexibility
There is now an option to print barcodes on invoices and lists, allowing for faster transfer of customer and order information to other applications, or between the stages of the order fulfilment process. Orders can be completed simply by scanning the barcode from a previously printed turn-around document, once the goods have been dispatched. This enables orders to be tracked with minimum overhead.

Harry Ganz, managing director of The Garden Pharmacy (www.garden .co.uk) says, "Actinic Business multi-user version means that in a busy environment, we are no longer fighting over the one PC: orders can be downloaded in the warehouse, the office and the packing room, and amendments to the orders can be carried out at any PC. Therefore the dispatching of orders is much more efficient."

"The multi-user version has been developed in response to owners of highly successful Actinic sites with multi-million pound turnovers. That's why we are so confident that it will meet with a very positive response, "

explains Phil Rothwell, managing director of Actinic. He adds, "The extended feature set will help any company with a growing e-business to cope with high volumes at a lower price point than previously available."

Pricing & Availability
Prices for Actinic Business Multi-user Version start from £2000 + VAT for a 2-user licence, including installation. For more details contact Actinic Sales on 0845 129 4800 or at sales@actinic.co.uk.

For further comment, contact:
Phil Rothwell, MD of Actinic. Tel 01932 871000, Mailto:prothwell@actinic. co.uk

Actinic PR: Jane Lee, Dexterity. Tel 01273 470199, Mailto:jane.lee@dexterity.co.uk

About Actinic Software Ltd:
Founded in 1996, Actinic produces ecommerce software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to sell online. Its products include Actinic Developer, Actinic Business, Actinic Catalog and Actinic Audio Store, and power more UK ecommerce sites than any other company. Research shows that over 50% of SMEs using packaged software to run their e-stores use Actinic.
Search for 'acatalog' on Google to see the vast range of online stores that run using Actinic. Some of Actinic's better known UK users include the Royal Opera House, Lloyds of London, the Royal Navy and Help the Aged.
Visit www.actinic.co.uk

Published on: 12:00AM on 25th January 2005