•mVoy Publish – Create, build, host & manage mobile commerce, mobile websites & apps

•mVoy Communicate – Build & manage interactive messaging & multi-step marketing campaigns

•mVoy Engage – Power social interactivity & voting via mobile sites, apps, Facebook and Google +

•mVoy Connect – Enable & deliver high volume mobile messaging campaigns & payments

Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), a mobile and digital technology business today announces the consolidation; upgrade and rebranding of its proprietary technology to one global platform ‘mVoy’.

To enable brands from all over the world to interact, engage and communicate with consumers via mobile, MIG’s mVoy platform incorporates multiple tools, products and technologies:

mVoy Publish provides retailers, brands, publishers and marketing agencies with a flexible product to design, build, manage and host mobile websites and apps, including fully transactional mCommerce services. It is the most powerful and intuitive product in the marketplace and is available to licence globally and also as a fully managed service. mVoy Publish integrates mobile into other communications channels such as SMS and social media.

mVoy Communicate provides brands, publishers and corporate enterprises with a flexible, web based product to build and manage, both inbound and outbound mobile marketing campaigns, such as sales promotions and content alerts, via SMS, email and various social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. mVoy Communicate integrates into your existing CRM system through full API connections, is available to license globally and also as a fully managed service.

mVoy Engage provides media, broadcast and entertainment companies with a definitive toolset to power social interactive formats and services to viewers: Formats and services range from high capacity, real-time SMS voting and competitions with participation TV shows through multiple platforms and devices, including iPhone, Android, RIM, Facebook, traditional web and mobile internet. Additionally mVoy Engage can run power both ‘free-to-consumer’ and ‘paid-for’ interactions via Premium SMS (PSMS), iTunes and Facebook Credits. Offered globally as a fully managed service, mVoy Engage is fully accessible via app, mobile internet, online and social networks.

mVoy Connect provides broadcasters, mobile network operators (MNO’s), social networks and others with mobile messaging, billing and payment solutions. It is the fastest SMS gateway in the industry, provides direct to MNO billing and is simple to use and integrates into other 3rd party platforms. The mVoy Connect technology is capable of processing in excess of 12,000 messages per second and is available as a fully managed service.

Barry Houlihan, CEO and Founder, Mobile Interactive Group commented “In today’s complex mobile value chain, we wanted to simplify MIG’s offering and make it easier for our clients, partners and the industry at large, to understand how MIG’s technology enables global businesses to interact and engage via mobile with one trusted partner.”

“MIG’s mVoy technology platform is available globally, giving us the flexibility required to respond to our clients ever changing requirements and locations. The individual products, Publish, Communicate, Engage and Connect provide our clients with a fully integrated toolset to utilise the mobile channel to raise brand awareness, drive customer acquisition and retention, manage and deliver complex mCRM campaigns, manage mobile payments and increase ROI.”


•mVoy Publish – Previously MIG’s mobile internet and app publishing platform Kilrush
•mVoy Communicate – Previously MIG’s mobile marketing platform Enterprise (Piri)
•mVoy Engage – Previously MIG’s Interactive Broadcast Platform (IBP)
•mVoy Connect – Previously MIG’s messaging platform, Gateway

To book a meeting and or ask questions please email mVoy@migcan.com

Published on: 11:01AM on 19th July 2011