Despite taking the majority of the top positions in the natural search results in the UK furniture sector, the biggest brands such as Amazon, Ikea, DFS and SCS are still missing substantial tranches of potentially profitable keywords. This is leaving great opportunities for smaller niche players to get higher natural search positions and clicks.

These are the findings of a study highlighting the most visible websites in "Natural Search in the UK Furniture Sector" just released by Sayu Limited a UK digital agency. "In each segment we found major well known brand names but equally we found smaller more specialist websites that were matching the performance of the big brands in their specialist area" says Tony Marshall, Director at Sayu, "but we found even the big brands are missing out on impressions and clicks on whole sections of their segment. For example amazon gets very high visibility in the garden furniture segment but currently doesn't perform well in the area of Rattan Furniture - an opportunity that other specialist players are capitalising upon."

The report covers five specific segments of the furniture industry - General Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Garden Furniture and Bedroom Furniture. Each segment shows the websites that are most visible in natural search including detailed analysis highlighting why they are top, showing where they are doing well and where there is room for improvement.

The first step in any Search Engine Optimisation process should be to set benchmarks, find out where you are now compared to others competing in the same space. With this report websites competing for positions and clicks in the furniture sector can get a quick overview of how they are performing compared to others.

Other facts in the report are that of the top websites in this sector, less than 10% offer a mobile version to their users. This despite the fact according to Google the number of mobile Internet users looks set to surpass desktop Internet users within the next 5 years and web traffic from mobiles is estimated to be growing 8 times faster than web traffic from UK PCs

Google Analytics is the dominant tracking tool with more than 80% of the websites in the report having that installed.

Copies of the report are free to download from

Published on: 8:01PM on 19th July 2011