Munich – 01 August, 2011. hybris, a leading multichannel commerce software vendor, has today announced the immediate availability of hybris Multichannel Accelerator, the world’s first ready-to-use PCM (Product Content Management) based Multichannel solution. hybris Multichannel Accelerator enables retailers to jump-start their implementation of a feature-rich multichannel commerce solution. hybris Multichannel Accelerator is a pre-built foundation that incorporates best-practice multichannel capabilities, including central product content and order management at its core, and state-of-the art marketing and merchandising capabilities. The new solution delivers the functionality and business tools organisations need to create an engaging customer experience, improve customer conversion and increase average order value across all channels. By offering integrated sophisticated personalisation, large selection of promotions, powerful search and navigation capabilities, rich product information including reviews, hybris Accelerator enables retailers and consumer brand manufacturers to boost multichannel sales much faster than ever before.

“Multichannel Commerce today is a given,” said Ariel Lüdi, CEO of hybris. “Consumers expect to seamlessly purchase products and services across multiple channels. However, developing a feature-rich, consistent customer experience across all channels is a challenge for many organisations. Multichannel Commerce implementations require a broad range of relevant knowledge and expertise, team re-organisations, requirements and technology planning, and the re-engineering of processes—all with the goal of returning value to the organisation quickly.”

He continued, “These time-consuming tasks are challenging, and the time to value is often perceived as taking too long. Complexity increases as companies move from a single channel—such as print catalogues or online stores—to multiple channels including online, print, call centers, mobile devices, POS and more. hybris has always been a solution that can be implemented and customised much quicker and easier than other solutions in the market. But now, with the Accelerator, we enable organisations to accelerate the implementation even more, and yet without any limiting investment.”

With a fully functional storefront, call center capabilities and social network integration the package also offers support for additional channels like Mobile, Print and POS. The package also comes with a wide array of ready-to-use backend integration points, how-to guides, sample data as well as best-practice guidelines - all intended to simplify implementation and maintenance.

Furthermore, built using best-practice development coding and standards, the hybris Multichannel Accelerator delivers source code that organisations can easily customise without requiring heavy coding, accelerating the development effort.

Lüdi explained, “With hybris Multichannel Accelerator, organisations are investing in a future-proof multichannel Commerce solution that delivers user-friendly tools to drive growth. Accelerator allows organisations to extend functionality as and when they need to. Modules from the hybris Multichannel Suite, such as Mobile or Print can be added easily.”

Additional hybris Multichannel Accelerator features include:
• Integrated Product Content Management, a single source of truth of rich product information for all channels
• Integrated order management to enable centralised order management and support cross-channel purchasing and fulfillment.
• Fully functional Online Store
1. User-friendly merchandising and powerful personalisation tools for higher conversion.
2. High-quality search and navigation capabilities for better customer experience.
3. Fast, modern checkout for convenient ordering.
4. Empower business users: easy-to-use tools for web content management.
• Call Center for improved customer satisfaction
• Links to social networks to share product information, reviews and preferences.
• Multi-currency, multi-language and multi-site capabilities to enable rapid entry into global markets.
• Supported cross-channel shopping experience via an integrated store locator.
• Comprehensive documentation, how-to and sample data, and best-practice guidelines.
• Built and tested with following things in mind: accessibility, security, performance, and browser compatibility.
• Integration with external systems to simplify upload of product and stock data.

About hybris
hybris is a leading vendor of next generation agile multichannel commerce software. Its clear vision about the need for consistency, coordination and personalization of information across all channels and throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle has resulted in the development of an integrated, agile solution which supports the industrialization and automation of operational marketing and sales processes. It is spearheading innovation in this field, enabling businesses to communicate and sell across all channels in a consistent and effective way.
Established in 1997, hybris has a proven track record of profitability and growth, with ambitious expansion plans for the future. Headquartered in Munich, it has offices in the U.S., UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and Sweden. Its international presence is extended via a dedicated network of business and technology partners across Europe and the U.S. It has over 240 customers worldwide running more than 2,000 websites "powered by hybris". Customers are global brands from retail and manufacturing industries, including: Adidas, Levi´s, Lufthansa, Nespresso, Toys´R´Us, Coca Cola Beverages, Ericsson, Rexel, Bobcat and Kaiser+Kraft.

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Published on: 5:11PM on 1st August 2011