London, UK 3 August 2011 – Commission Junction UK, a ValueClick company, today announced an exclusive partnership with leading technology provider 7 Billion People. The ground breaking software from 7 Billion People allows merchants to tailor their sites to consumers based on behavioural data which builds up a ‘portrait’ of online users. Clients using this software have displayed increased conversion rates of up to 50%.

Commission Junction’s UK sales force will offer its clients 7 Billion People’s ground breaking MarketMaestro™ software; designed to provide e-commerce marketers with insight into customer behaviour and consequently offer recommendations as to how marketers can modify the content, layout and design of their site to optimise conversion rates.

“In this challenging economic environment it is even more important for e-commerce retailers to maximise the opportunity to convert every customer they bring to their website”, said Daniel Powel, solutions and operations director for Commission Junction UK. “We are keen to provide our clients with the tools and capabilities that can help increase revenue, turning browsers into buyers.”

Mark Nagaitis, CEO at 7 Billion People also commented on the partnership, “We are delighted to be partnering with Commission Junction UK. Our unique approach to web analytics and personalisation has already helped top e-commerce sites increase their conversion rates by up to 50%. We look forward to working with Commission Junction to help their clients achieve similar results.”

MarketMaestro™ is available immediately with pricing beginning at £125/month.

About ValueClick

ValueClick, Inc. (NASDAQ: VCLK) is one of the world’s largest integrated online marketing companies, offering comprehensive and scalable solutions to deliver cost-effective customer acquisition for advertisers and significant revenue for publishers. Through its individual brands, ValueClick’s performance-based solutions allow advertisers and publishers to reach their potential through all online marketing channels.

UK brand offerings include:
- ValueClick Media – global online advertising network and ad sales for advertisers and publishers
- Commission Junction – world’s largest affiliate marketing network
- Owned and Operated – ValueClick’s portfolio of sites including PriceRunner and Search 123
- Mediaplex – intelligent technology for digital marketing, including adserving, email marketing, tracking and paid search bid management

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About 7 Billion People

7 Billion People builds software products that personalize the online experience for every visitor. Using principles from behavioral psychology and linguistic science, 7 Billion People technology makes it possible to determine not just who a user is, in terms of traditional analytics and demographics, but why they are on a website at a given moment and what they want to accomplish. We help marketers and website owners understand their customers’ goals, communication preferences and information requirements to deliver a truly personalized online experience for increased sales and conversions.

7 Billion People was founded in 2007 and is located in Austin, Texas.

Published on: 4:10PM on 3rd August 2011