Fledgling SEO Kent Company is targeting the local business community in Kent and the London area with its new suite of social media services.

According to the owner of the business Max Webster, he states "We now offer a full suite of social media services for our clients, added to our arsenal of SEO packages we are able to deliver the whole package of on-line marketing for a business, whether that be a plumber, accountant or on-line store.

SEO in Kent have only been on the scene for six months or so but they are already living up to their claims of offering the most value for money service without compromising on quality.

"The reason to use us over other digital agencies is that we adopt a rather old fashioned approach, but not in how we conduct our work but our values, we do not need to charge outrageous sums of money to clients. We have small overheads and are as hard-working as the bigger agencies, even more so I would argue."

SEO in Kent is a family run business which offers linkbuilding suited to your business need. They offer comprehensive social media campaigns on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and even more up and coming social media platforms which are not as widely used by other SEO agencies, this ensures they get the edge on your on-line campaign. They run all the campaigns in house so their clients do not have to deal with the chore of constantly updating their status or sending regular tweets for example.

SEO in Kent also use video with their social media campaigns to leverage your on-line exposure as much as possible, don't worry if you as a business see the prospect of creating video as daunting, SEO in Kent can take care of that for you.

SEO in Kent have shown to the industry that they certainly have something else when it comes to promoting your business online, they are putting themselves up their against the might of the big agencies to show them that they can be a one stop shop for all you digital needs.

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Published on: 11:50AM on 9th August 2011