Fairfield Iowa, USA, 18 August 2011

Human Factors International, Inc. (HFI), a pioneering company in the field of user experience (UX) design, has launched an animated video featuring Dr. Eric Schaffer. The video is titled “Building Industrial Strength Usability with Dr. Eric Schaffer. "


Dr. Schaffer, CEO of Human Factors International, gives a brief overview of how user experience design is evolving from a field of craftsmanship by individual usability experts into mature process-based design work. Dr. Schaffer says that 10% of design budgets today should be spent on usability work.

Dr. Schaffer argues that industrial strength usability practice requires more than just skilled user experience professionals. He says just like a hospital is comprised of more than just doctors, a mature usability practice involves more than just usability experts.

Each organization, according to Dr. Schaffer, will face challenges when developing a truly mature industrial level usability practice. Dr. Schaffer gives advice on how to overcome these challenges. He talks about how to involve all individuals within an organization - from executives and managers to usability analysts and designers.

The video provides a link for viewers to download a free poster and white paper on Impediments to a Mature UX Practice and How to Avoid Them.

More videos about usability may be viewed on the official HFI Youtube channel (http://youtube.com/user/HFIvideo), as well as on the HFI Connect community site (http://connect.humanfactors.com).

Media Contact:

Guy Harvey
Human Factors International, Inc.

About Dr. Eric Schaffer

Dr. Eric Schaffer is the founder and CEO of Human Factors International. He holds a Ph.D. in psychology. In the last 25 years, he has developed a reputation as the visionary who realized that usability would be a motivating drive in the “Third Wave of the Information Age.” Dr. Schaffer recognized that, as time passed, user experience would become as relevant as hardware and software problems in the technological world. The ability for users to work quickly, easily, and effectively is the focus of his career.

Dr. Schaffer authored the book “Institutionalization of Usability: A Step-by-Step Guide,” (http://www.humanfactors.com/institutionalization.asp), which guides organizations who are interested in developing a mature, routine usability practice into their design processes.

Dr. Schaffer has worked with more than one hundred Fortune 500 clients, providing insight into usability testing, user experience design, human-computer interaction, and training for usability experts. In his work, he has assisted companies in insurance, finances, manufacturing, health care, and even governmental organizations.

About Human Factors, International, Inc. (HFI)

HFI is a leading advising and strategic planning provider of usability design services. HFI provides insight for both private and public organizations. The ISO-certifiable HFI Framework is built on the deepest concepts from psychology, computer science, human-computer interaction, marketing, and ergonomics. HFI uses many advanced strategies which involve research, design, assessment, validation, and training to help organizations meet their usability needs.

HFI has worked with many clients, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, Sony Ericsson, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Pay Pal, Verizon, Citigroup, and Dell.

HFI’s corporate headquarters is in Fairfield, IA, with regional offices throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Visit http://www.humanfactors.com


Published on: 8:36PM on 18th August 2011