This September, Infiniti Europe will launch its first ever, fully-integrated and multi-channel brand campaign that aims to change the face of performance luxury motoring across Europe – with other markets to follow.

With this campaign, the Japanese modern luxury car manufacturer looks to position itself as a credible alternative to the big three German marques with a big idea called ‘Since now, the perfect line is a curve’. The creative platform was developed by TBWA\G1 in Paris and was inspired by meetings with the Infiniti Design Team and Infiniti Chief Creative Officer, Shiro Nakamura. It embodies the brand’s challenger ethos and puts a strong emphasis on both its design and performance credentials whilst aiming to shake up the luxury car market currently dominated by Mercedes, Audi and BMW with a provocative message stating: heritage means nothing and straight lines are boring.

Alasdhair MacGregor Hastie, European Creative Director at TBWA\G1 says: "With the launch of this campaign we are more than certain of having given Infiniti its proper place in the world of high-end luxury car brands and have found an extraordinary and distinguishing big idea that will allow us to create ever stronger and more creative campaigns in the future. Because, as every one knows, the perfect line, is a curve."

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Marketing Director, Infiniti Europe, adds: “As well raising awareness of Infiniti Europe, this campaign is about building brand familiarity so consumers understand what sets us apart from the competition. Performance motoring and graceful strength are at the heart of the brand, which is something we are keen to convey with this campaign.”

The campaign marks a series of firsts for the brand in Europe including its first ever TV presence and the launch of social media platforms as well as being the first brand to launch a campaign in Europe across four screens. Additionally, with an exclusive X-Box and Microsoft Kinect Content Platform along with MSN homepage takeovers and Infiniti Europe’s largest media investment ever, the brand is looking to make a big splash.

John Dore, Executive Director of OMD International notes: “In such an established and highly competitive European luxury car sector, it’s been crucial for Infiniti to be very smart as well as efficient in the delivery of it’s media. OMD have achieved this through leveraging the might of the Renault-Nissan alliance, creating a fully integrated media campaign supported with breakthrough partnerships across MSN, Xbox, and Eurosport”

The new brand campaign forms part of an ambitious plan that will support the launch of the
high-performance Infiniti M Hybrid and the reveal of a special FX concept model at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Content around the Red Bull Racing F1 partnership will also fit under this platform whilst bolstering the brand’s performance credentials by optimising the connection with current F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

The TV campaign was directed by Raf Wathion and was shot over five days at a studio in Brussels. A highly technical shoot with four sets running simultaneously including Phantom, Alexa, Macro and Stop-Motion cameras led to a cinematographic journey starting with a series of time pieces resetting to a ‘zero hour’ where the bold statement of “Since now, everything you know about performance motoring, is in the past” is made. From this point forward, Infiniti’s unique point of view on what a luxury car should be is demonstrated by the journey of a line of light that snakes its way over the naturally inspired curves of the Infiniti FX, M and EX models. The film is interspersed with beautiful organic shapes and forms to bring a natural, sensual and artistic atmosphere that is coupled with an original musical score to bring drama to the film. The film ends with the bold statements, “Since now, the perfect line is a curve” and “Since now, there is Infiniti.”

The film is supported by a pan-European print campaign which brings to life a distinctive look and feel uniquely Infiniti and features curved lines based on real shapes within the car including the signature Infiniti paddle shifter in the FX, the front wheel arch of an Infiniti M, and the Crescent Cut – a distinct feature on all Infiniti vehicles – that appears on the EX ad. The print backgrounds were created by Drasik – a Barcelona-based graphic artist – and were used as inspiration for all other campaign elements.

Regarding the print, Diernaz adds, “It was important for us to inject a sensual and organic feeling into our communication, that s why we have worked in collaboration with various artists like Drasik.”

The online and Tier 2 elements, developed by TMW, include a strong call to action, with a range of finance offers. TMW also refreshed the website, which runs across 23 countries in 11 languages, leading with a 3D CGI animation and will pilot ‘Live Chat’ in the UK and Italy. Viral ads, banner ads, email activity and a refreshed mobile site form the rest of the campaign activity.

Paul Tullo, Creative Partner at Tullo Marshall Warren, adds: “It’s very exciting for us to be working with a brand at this crucial stage of its development, where the aim is to build and communicate the essence of the brand. We have been working very closely with TBWA\G1 to ensure we deliver a truly integrated campaign that works not only across a range of media but across a number of markets.”

The campaign will be rolled out across Europe’s major European markets, including the UK (September 3rd), France (September 9th), Germany (September 5th), Switzerland (September 2nd – press only) and Italy (September 5th). The campaign will also be rolling out in Russia and the Middle East following the European activation.

The brand/range TV ad will air in the UK on ITV1, Channel 4 and various Sky channels on Saturday 3rd September. – to see the brand/range TV ad’s first airing on the website, after showing on TV - to also see the TV ad and the unveiling of new content throughout September

Published on: 11:00AM on 5th September 2011