SEO In Kent, the digital marketing company based in Kent is producing a Keyword case study on their website so it can give an idea to local businesses and companies the importance of conducting thorough keyword research.

They have drilled down right to a granular level so business owners and website owners can understand the benefits to them when done correctly.

"There is too much confusion out there online and amongst businesses as to the right way to conduct keyword research." said SEO In Kent's owner. "Without choosing the right profitable keywords then it could leave your website or even your business suffering as a result, it is all about drilling down finding the profitable keywords that will generate the most searches with the least competition, thus improving the business ROI."

Asked why they chose to use a competitive term such as Student Loan Consolidation Rates for their case study, SEO In Kent said "We want to make this as real-time as possible, we though by going after a competitive keyword phrase we can show step-by step not only the initial choosing of this keyword but how to get it ranked on the first page of Google. As you can see it is already on the first page due to our SEO methods. We want to show to prospective clients that we can just as easily do everything that the large digital agencies can and more."

SEO In Kent now claim that they will conduct keyword research without a fee, they wish to add guarantees that you will not find a more quality affordable SEO service in the south-east, they state they will beat any competitors quote if it is in writing, this is a big claim for any company that is serious about providing a good quality service, but it seems SEO In Kent are up to the job.

SEO In Kent will offer a full keyword analysis detailed in a report which the client can keep, no obligation, or contract at all, SEO In Kent state "We have done lots of analysis for clients and we find once they deal with us they stay with us as we are a friendly affordable company, this means we can pass on savings to our clients as we do not have the large overheads that your standard digital agency would have.

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Published on: 2:01PM on 5th September 2011