Fairfield, Iowa, USA – September 8th, 2011.

Apala Lahiri Chavan, Chief Oracle and Innovator at Human Factors International, will be teaching a half-day workshop titled Designing for Emerging Markets in Cairo, New York, and London in October and November.

There is a huge, rapidly expanding, and largely untapped potential in emerging markets today. Countries like India, China, Brazil, South Africa are quickly developing a consumer base that is looking for innovative products and services. Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Mexico, Vietnam, and Thailand are expanding their purchasing power.

The half-day training session provides an exciting look at how companies can expand into these markets, while avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls that global companies often face.

The workshop is designed for marketers, product developers, strategists, researchers, and designers, and will answer key questions such as:

“How should I change their product or service for an emerging market?”
“Why is there no local demand for my product that is successful in developed countries?”
“Why is my growth in these markets not up to expectations?”
“How do I decide which product or service will be successful?”

The workshop topics include:
• What characterizes an emerging market? How is it different from a traditional market?
• Understanding local ecosystems.
• Innovative and proven research techniques.
• Where will emerging markets be 10 years from now? What is the best way to prepare for this expansion and social change?
• How to successfully introduce products and services into these markets.

Ms. Chavan encourages anyone responsible for bringing products and services to emerging products to attend her workshop: “You cannot afford the mistake of not understanding local markets”.

The half-day workshop will be held in Cairo, Egypt - October 13, 2011, New York, NY - October 27, 2011, and London, UK - November 4, 2011.

Information on pricing and registration for the workshop is available at


About Apala Lahiri Chavan

Apala Lahiri Chavan, MA, MSc, CUA, was responsible for starting up Human Factors International's UX consulting operations across Asia (Mumbai, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Shanghai, and Singapore) since joining HFI in 2000 as Managing Director – India, and Vice President – Asia.

Apala has taken on a new role recently in HFI as Chief Oracle and Innovator. Apala and her Contextual Innovation team have helped designers, marketers, product managers, and ethnographers in Fortune 500 companies apply her innovative techniques to develop exciting new concepts and products.

She systematically guides the ideation process to uncover subtle patterns in ethnographic and market data to reveal the exciting breakthrough ideas that can drive business and generate more revenue and profit on the one hand, and improve quality of life for users on the other hand.

Recently, her focus has been on the emerging markets. She has co-edited a book on this subject, Innovative Solutions: What Designers Need to Know For Today's Emerging Markets.

Apala is an award winning designer (International Audi Design Award) and specializes in the area of Cross Cultural Innovation and Design.
Apala can be followed on Twitter @FuturistApala

About Human Factors, International, Inc. (HFI)

HFI is a leading advising and strategic planning provider of usability design services. HFI provides insight for both private and public organizations. The ISO-certifiable HFI Framework is built on the deepest concepts from psychology, computer science, human-computer interaction, marketing, and ergonomics. HFI uses many advanced strategies which involve research, design, assessment, validation, and training to help organizations meet their usability needs.

HFI has worked with many clients, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, Sony Ericsson, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Pay Pal, Verizon, Citigroup, and Dell.

HFI’s corporate headquarters is in Fairfield, IA, with regional offices throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

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Published on: 11:00PM on 8th September 2011