SEO In Kent a digital marketing agency based on the coast in Kent is setting its sights on the capital. SEO in Kent focus on copywriting, SEO, social media campaigns and also blog design.

They have found that the market is more lucrative in London. "There are so many digital agencies operating in the city of London that have priced themselves out of the market, we believe we can adopt the same strategy that SEO In Kent currently maintains with SEO in London. We have the advantage of being a small tight knit family run company that can undercut any of the London digital agencies" said SEO In Kent.

With consultancy rates in London being the most expensive in the country, it seems an excellent way for SEO In Kent to shoehorn in and undercut the big agencies currently charging thousands of pounds to clients. "We can offer the same level of service as these large agencies in town and I am confident that we can actually offer a better level of value, I have worked with large digital agencies in London in previous employment and I know that what they charge is not what you get in return. We offer a whole suite of services ranging from setting up and maintaining social media campaigns in Kent and London, through to blog design, letup and maintenance with Wordpress. We do not have the high costs of running a big flashy office and outsourcing; we can do it all in-house so we can pass the saving onto the client. "

Bold claims from SEO In Kent but having the ability to put yourself out there in this market is already showing dividends for the company, with their SEO services starting as low as £50 per month it does kind of show-up the big flash agencies in the city, especially with their 90 day money back guarantee.

For any further information regarding campaigns or general enquiries please contact:
SEO In Kent, SEO Consultant

01795 228901


Published on: 2:14PM on 9th September 2011