Searchmetrics Essentials Provides an Unparalleled Competitive Data Advantage in SEO, SEM and Social Media

London, UK – Sept. 21, 2011 –Searchmetrics, the world leader in search analytics software, today introduces its new Searchmetrics Essentials online tool which allows global marketers to track and measure search and social media campaigns as well as analyse and compare competitors’ strategies. The software is powered by the largest, fastest database of search and social data collated for 15 countries from across the web. It allows analysis of organic, paid and universal search marketing, as well as activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, Delicious and StumbleUpon,.

“Searchmetrics Essentials incorporates proprietary data to ensure that customers have accurate, high-quality information that they can trust to make smart marketing decisions,” says Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics. “Many tools on the market pull from third-party data sources, but this provides no unique advantage. Our data includes more than just raw numbers, but actionable analytics to help companies quickly take advantage of opportunities all within one dashboard – Searchmetrics Suite, our flagship solution.”

Searchmetrics Essentials expands on Searchmetrics’ recognised standard for measuring the search engine visibility of web sites by introducing a new measurement for social visibility. Its social visibility score measures a company’s influence on leading social media networks by analysing how often their web site content and landing pages receive ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’, ‘Tweets’, ‘Comments’ and more. It can be monitored historically over time or weekly to measure the impact of active social campaigns and marketers can compare their own performance against competitors.

“As search and social media become more intertwined, those companies that can understand how all areas of online marketing work together will be most successful,” notes Joepen. “Searchmetrics Suite, with the new Searchmetrics Essentials, offers companies the ability to instantly research the visibility of websites, market verticals and social media presence in the same workspace where they do all major project activities – domains and keyword analysis, link building and reporting. Less time spent switching between tools and manually producing reports means more time to focus on activities that drive revenue.”

Key benefits of the Searchmetrics Essentials include the ability to:
• Analyse domains and keywords by organic, paid and universal (video, images, news, shopping, maps) search results
• Determine the most popular content on social networks and compare “likes,” “shares,” “comments,” “tweets,” and more
• Analyse search and social media data for 15 countries (US, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, Poland, Netherlands)
• Identify opportunities to gain marketing advantages online from competitive and industry analysis
• Predict ROI by understanding the monetary value of organic, paid and universal search traffic
• Adjust quickly to algorithm changes and competitor campaigns

Searchmetrics Essentials is designed with a wide range of online marketers in mind, including advertisers, marketers, public relations professionals, and agencies, from large international enterprises to small businesses. The two modules from Searchmetrics Essentials – SEO+SEM, and Social – can be purchased separately but also are offered as integrated components of the Searchmetrics Suite. Additional functions can be added easily and quickly, enabling marketers to assemble a customised toolset tailored to individual working needs.

About Searchmetrics
Searchmetrics is the global expert in search analytics software, empowering marketers to increase visibility and market share on the world’s leading search engines. We create value by providing the best quality data on a global scale. Clients and partners worldwide rely on Searchmetrics to maximize return from search investments with actionable insights that help better manage, improve and scale search marketing campaigns

Searchmetrics’ robust search marketing tool, Searchmetrics Suite, is supported by a unique server infrastructure that offers monitoring of over 100 search engines in over 30 countries worldwide. Searchmetrics Suite is also home to the Searchmetrics Essentials data modules, SEO+SEM and Social, encompassing the largest, fastest databases for search and social media available.

Headquartered in Berlin, with subsidiaries and offices in New York, London and Paris, the company delivers real web intelligence to a growing international customer base. You can follow Searchmetrics on Twitter @Searchmetrics or on Facebook at For more information, please visit:

Published on: 11:20AM on 21st September 2011