We are all aware of Google's latest innovation the +1 button. It is common knowledge that the search engine giant will be incorporating the Google +1 button into its search algorithm very soon to place the most importance on keywords which are being searched socially.

A Digital agency in the states has designed a Wordpress plugin that is added to your visual editor in WordPress, it is a straightforward plugin and is easy to use which puts the Google +1 right in your website’s content keeping it locked until the webuser decides to “plus one” to get the content.

Extremely easy to set up and easy to use right in the visual editor of your posts, what more could you ask for! Users just LOVE to engage with “like” and “plus one”, but it also benefits you in a big way with giving your site trust, the more likes and +1?s you get the more traffic that will follow you, thus the more conversions and sales you will get.

It is being hailed as the new form of SEO at present and utilizing these social media buttons and the Google Plus One is at the top of the pile at the moment and is here to stay.

The scenario is only common sense; the more “likes” and +1?s the better optimized your site will be for search engine optimization purposes. And as a result of this you also get incoming links to your site.

"This plugin is designed to organically grow your website's +1 status", said SEO In Kent "We have been testing this plugin with some of our clients campaigns and we have certainly seen results, it may not fit every client but so far for the investment of the plugin we would say it is certainly worth while to have in your arsenal."

SEO In Kent has done intensive testing with the social media buttons to see if they have an impact directly on results in the SERPs, "We have found that by adding in more natural social activity in a SEO campaign we find our results are better and more long-term. It is only natural for the search engines to see a site that is ranking to also have a lot of buzz on the social networks, the Google plus one Wordpress plugin is a must for our team"

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Published on: 3:35PM on 21st September 2011