With Google overhauling its Shopping and Commerce Search to include retailer’s store inventories and companies such as Argos offering same day deliveries in the London area, Delivery From Store is a topic that’s now the cool kid on the delivery block. However exciting a prospect this may be, MetaPack the delivery specialists, have released a whitepaper, saying there is more to it than one may imagine and that retailers considering this route need to be careful in getting it right.

"The advantages of Delivery Direct from Store are obvious," explains Patrick Wall, CEO and founder of MetaPack, "offering to deliver items purchased online that very day within a specified time window can be a compelling prospect for customers, who may be either impatient to get hold of their purchases, or else have commitments which mean they cannot wait in all day for a delivery. It’s online catching up with the instant gratification of the high street with the added advantages of convenience." Carriers and aggregators currently offering this service are CitySprint, Shutl, UK Main and Parcelforce, with CitySprint being the only same day specialist carrier with national SameDay coverage.

Patrick Wall continues, "However I believe that delivery from store will typically represent a solution to service niche products, luxury limited edition products, or more expensive impulse purchases, as the full service cost of delivery from store is inherently more expensive than central pick and pack. There are a number of processes that have to be in place should retailers still find this an attractive prospect, with carrier choice and total end-to-end visibility being key."

Wall explains, "Argos could be seen as a special case since its infrastructure is designed to provide a wide range of stock in store and each store is essentially a local warehouse with high levels of pick accuracy. At the same time some retailers are moving from store pick to central pick, because pick accuracy in store has been averaging at 60%. However, the success of UK eCommerce is partly based on innovation so we would expect to see more developments in this area."

You can download a copy of the white paper here: http://www.metapack.com/index.php/resources/white-papers

Published on: 3:20PM on 28th September 2011