Munich, 4 October 2011 – Nestlé Deutschland AG, the leading nutrition company in Germany, has launched "Nestlé Marktplatz". To ensure the success of this project, Nestlé engaged the technical support of hybris, the leading expert in the end-to-end multichannel commerce sector. The food industry's first social commerce platform is based on the hybris B2C commerce solution. This solution coordinates and streamlines numerous data domains on a single Web-based platform, thus ensuring consistency across all channels and systems. Nestlé Deutschland AG also deploys the hybris Web content management solution, a marketing and publishing tool with Web content management functions.

The hybris solutions impressed Nestlé Deutschland AG with its excellent scalability and comprehensive functionality. Nestlé Marktplatz encourages two-way communication among consumers, as well as with Nestlé direct. The marketplace at offers details of around 1500 domestic and foreign products and 72 Nestlé brands, and allows consumers to rate, comment, seek advice and share ideas with each other, as well as directly order products. An innovation in the Nestlé world, the pilot market offers hitherto unseen transparency, dialogue orientation and scale, and an overview of the full spectrum of Nestlé products and brands.
The online shop also offers consumers exclusive access to products not otherwise commercialised in Germany, such as La Lechera from Spain, Baci from Italy and Halal products from Turkey, and seasonal products.

The hybris product content management (PCM) solution is highly scalable. A build up of further marketplaces would be technically feasible without any problem as the hybris solution allows fast integration of product content and business information into an existing system. The user friendly Web content management system from hybris also provides Nestlé with intuitive marketing and publishing tools and a single user interface with which to offer content on a range of different channels, such as online, mobile and rich Internet applications. Nestlé regards the hybris solution as future-proof providing it with the ability to reliably operate and manage its online shops, Web sites, mobile pages and social networks.

"With the Nestlé Marktplatz, Nestlé has become a pioneer in the social commerce space, venturing where so far no manufacturer in Germany's food industry has dared to tread," said Mark Holenstein, Vice President Central Europe at hybris. "And we are delighted that Nestlé has chosen our multichannel commerce approach and expertise to accompany it down this groundbreaking path of social and eCommerce. If Nestlé takes an international expansion into consideration we will be very excited and more than ready to support them once again in the technical realisation.”

Like many other brand manufacturers and retailers around the globe, Nestlé has been quick to recognise the increasing importance of online sales channels. As shown by a recently publicised survey carried out by E-Commerce-Center Handel (ECC Handel - a research and consulting initiative under the direction of the University of Cologne’s Retail Research Institute), these days, a large proportion of sales are preceded by information searches in online shops. The survey - "From multichannel to cross-channel – consumer behaviour in a changing world" - reveals that 42.4 percent of consumers obtain information from online shops and/or catalogues prior to making a purchase in high street shops. With its social commerce platform, Nestlé leverages the high affinity of consumers to the Internet in a particularly innovative and substantial manner.

About hybris

Hybris ( is a leading vendor of next generation agile multichannel commerce software. Its clear vision about the need for consistency, coordination and personalization of information across all channels and throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle has resulted in the development of an integrated, agile solution which supports the industrialization and automation of operational marketing and sales processes. It is spearheading innovation in this field, enabling businesses to communicate and sell across all channels in a consistent and effective way. It has over 300 customers worldwide running more than 2,500 websites "powered by hybris". Customers are global brands from retail and manufacturing industries, including: Adidas, Levi´s, Lufthansa, Nespresso, Toys´R´Us, Coca Cola Beverages, Ericsson, Rexel, Bobcat, Kaiser+Kraft, Hornbach, Nikon, Migros, Conrad, and Grundfos.

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Published on: 1:03PM on 4th October 2011