In response to the dramatic rise in businesses connecting with customers via social media, and a lack of user-friendly ways to safeguard the information this yields, SocialSafe has launched an Enterprise version to back up Facebook Pages.

Now, businesses can protect their investment properly – many spend a lot of time and money developing and maintaining their Page - by exporting the details of those actively engaging on their Page, and storing this valuable information safely offline.

Data can then be reviewed and searched, providing an invaluable tool for understanding where customers are based, how active they are, and what they are saying about the brand, in general or on a particular day – on a product launch, for example. And, if the Page was lost, you could re-establish relationships with the users who liked your Page and followed your news by reloading the information.

Julian Ranger, Chairman of SocialSafe, says “Imagine if as a business you were to lose all those carefully nurtured followers, contacts, information, connections, photos… and what a nightmare it would be to begin creating your networks again. We wanted to alleviate this concern by offering businesses SocialSafe Enterprise. Other social media back up tools produce data that you can’t easily search and is not presented in a user friendly way. Social media is so crucial for businesses now, there has to a back-up and search tool designed with the business user in mind. Data-wise, it is a case of use it, don’t lose it! ”

SocialSafe is available from for a single, one-off payment of £2.49 for the Standard version or £4.99 for the Pro version. Enterprise is currently available on an annual subscription basis at just £9.99 per year (launch offer of half the normal price of £19.99 per year until 30th November 2011). Existing paid users can upgrade to the new Enterprise version at reduced rates. A free version of the SocialSafe application enables users to download, store and view basic elements of their Facebook data.

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Rebecca Pain,, +44 (0) 1252 899 969
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About SocialSafe:

SocialSafe won the Viadeo Hackday on 30th September 2011. Find out more here

Easy to use
SocialSafe allows Twitter and Facebook users to back up easily. One or two ‘clicks’ will capture all their Twitter or Facebook information within seconds. Significantly there is no long initial registration stage – the entire process is completed in a matter of minutes.

Data backup
SocialSafe enables users to store and access their valuable Twitter and Facebook data on their own computer. This includes friends/followers information. Photos can then be rebuilt onto a Twitter or Facebook profile at a future date should an account be lost, hacked or deactivated, and friends/followers easily re-invited. SocialSafe stores a user’s data securely and privately on that user’s computer, not up in the cloud where there is a risk that others could access it.

Digital Diary (Journal)
SocialSafe now encompasses a unique digital diary. The digital diary allows Twitter and Facebook users to easily see what their online activity was on a specific date, for example a birthday, or in the case of a business, a product launch.

Photo collation
Photos stored to an individual’s Twitter and Facebook profile, as well as tagged photos, can be downloaded in a few seconds with a single click. This avoids the time-consuming process of downloading each photo one at a time, making it easy to keep them safe and available to you in the future.

Upcoming Development
SocialSafe functionality will shortly include multiple Facebook & Twitter feeds, personal Facebook Notes, Check-ins & Events, Scheduled back-up, Enterprise analysis tools, Facebook In Box, Messaging, Timeline & Action verbs, DADapp integration, Google+, Linked In, Viadeo, Flickr, Instagram and more.

All features are listed here:

See how to use SocialSafe:

Corporate information

SocialSafe is a joint venture between iBundle (an innovation hub for software and web companies, providing innovative new tools and services for their target markets) and 1minus1 (creative web design & development agency). The SocialSafe team has many years of experience and success in providing reliable products and services with expertise incorporating the fields of communications & security, web, technical build, and marketing.

Published on: 10:03AM on 6th October 2011