The majority of marketers working in large UK companies admit that they find it challenging to properly track sales from multi-channel sources, according to a survey of 100 marketing professionals commissioned by Sky IQ, the customer intellgence division of BSkyB.

The report, Marketing attribution in a multi-channel world, reveals that three quarters of the marketers questioned say they don’t have the tools to track sales from all of the marketing channels they use. Exactly half of those surveyed say they do not know which channel the customer has been most strongly influenced by, and 46% say that the sheer number of channels available makes the process of tracking sales more difficult.

The pressure to prove return on investment is heightened by the fact that nearly one in three (29%) marketers surveyed work in an environment where marketing teams specialising in specific disciplines - such as TV, online or print - compete against each other for budget, making it even more important to be able to track sales by channel.

The survey also reveals that on average, the companies surveyed in the report use six channels in their marketing mix, with half of the sample employing seven or more. While online is the most commonly used channel – employed by 76% of respondents - traditional marketing channels are still heavily relied upon, with 71% of the companies using print advertising, 61% continuing to use direct mail and 56% attending exhibitions and conferences to drive business.

Sky IQ, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSkyB, specialises in helping clients track customer data across a number of channels to provide them with a fuller picture of their consumers. This data-driven insight can be used to inform future marketing campaigns and steer strategy and investment.

William Mellis, Managing Director of Sky IQ, comments:
“Multiple marketing channels provide brands with a variety of ways they can engage with customers. That’s very positive - and obviously great for marketers - though the key challenge now is to understand the value the each channel delivers in marketing terms. In a multi-channel world, properly harnessing customer data to provide insight into the channels that are most effective in reaching a desired audience becomes hugely important.”

Sky IQ commissioned Dynamic Markets to survey 100 marketing professionals within a cross section of companies operating in a business to consumer capacity and employing over 250 people.

More detail on the research methodology and a detailed summary of the research are available on request. Please contact Hannah Graham on 020 7032 2679 or at

Published on: 9:55AM on 19th October 2011