YOU are invited to our inaugural IDF Event!

Our Mission is to connect companies and experts who want to succeed in international digital marketing but on a local market level.

Selected industry experts will give you
valuable insights into the following areas:
Multilingual SEO
International PPC
Global Social Media
International Display Advertising
International E mail
E Commerce : including payments

Objectives :

1. Through events and also online through our LinkedIn group we aim to connect everyone with an interest in succeeding in international digital marketing

2. To give experts and companies the
opportunity to engage in regular discussions and debates on all matters relating to
international digital marketing.

3. To provide regular events including Webinars, Conferences and White Papers covering every aspect of digital marketing
on an international scale.

4. To become the thought leadership body on all things international and digital.

5. To work alongside other member organisations who also facilitate better online cross border trade e.g. IMRG World,
UKTI, etc.

The international Digital Forum

IAB Address: 14 Macklin Street, London,

When? 21st November 2011, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Please register your attendance by latest 11tth November 2011 via our LinkedIn group.

Simply follow this link:

Published on: 1:56PM on 26th October 2011