Online corporate communications agency, ://CORPORACT ( has been appointed by Haberman Products to manage its online corporate communications requirements.

Haberman Products has been established by inventor and entrepreneur, Mandy Haberman ( with her strategic partners Laurence Milton, Paul Bottomley and Colin Jones. This new baby products business will bring together all Mandy Haberman’s innovations to create a cohesive and comprehensive product range under her Anywayup brand.

://CORPORACT’s remit includes the design and build of a corporate website and an ongoing online communications strategy to support the development of the business, its partners and portfolio of brands.

Commenting on the campaign, ://CORPORACT’s CEO and founder Pauline Christie said:

“This online campaign will incorporate all forms of digital communication. We will be generating publicity and increasing awareness of Mandy Haberman in addition to Haberman Products’ baby products brands, using a range of web based tools and technologies, social media, blogs (, online communities, web based applications and websites.

Commenting on the formation of the new business, inventor, Mandy Haberman said:

“I believe that innovation is essential to business success and my company, Haberman Products, is based on innovation, design and intellectual property."


Editor's Notes:

Mandy Haberman is a successful British inventor and entrepreneur best known for the award-winning Anywayup cup. Mandy started out as a mum with a good idea and total novice in the world of business, intellectual property and law.

She is often called the “mother of invention” as her inventing career started out of necessity when her daughter was born with Stickler Syndrome and was unable to feed in the normal way.

Mandy Haberman is also known for:

* Successfully finding her way through the patent system and actually making money from her inventions!
* Standing up for her rights when massive organizations tried to copy her ideas.
* Intellectual property rights reform campaigning.
* Encouraging other mums to turn their ideas into reality and be successful inventors too.
* Appreciating the importance of good design.
* Helping other parents with babies who have feeding difficulties.
* Continually striving to revolutionize the world of infant feeding.


://CORPORACT is an award-winning online corporate communications company with representative offices in England and France. It specializes in:

* Developing and managing corporate websites in more than one language;
* Creating unique search engine optimized website content;
* Providing images and video for business, editorial and advertising purposes;
* Improving brand visibility and communicating corporate news online;
* Online public relations and social media strategies.

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Published on: 11:03AM on 27th October 2011