People often don’t realise how important excellent web design is and what a difference it can make in terms of conversions, bounce rate and SERPs. Fresh Egg, a SEO, design and insight agency based in Worthing offers a fully bundled, cradle to grave solution for new and existing ecommerce sites.
Many design agencies are able to offer a website that looks sleek and stylish but how many of them are able to provide a slick website which is also optimised for crawling by search engines and human readers, converting them into customers? At Fresh Egg there is a team of not only experienced, professional graphic and website designers, there is a team of half a dozen content writers working with social media experts and experienced SEO engineers and specialists.
Fresh Egg understands that having a website that looks good is only half the battle. Usability navigability are intrinsic in creating an attractive, engaging ‘sticky’ website which gives your readership what they are looking for: information. They also give you want you’re looking for, low bounce rates and high conversions. Because their sites are designed with business and ROI in mind Fresh Egg incorporate commercial goal tracking, analytics and easy to use CMS designed around you and your needs.
Readers will love the look, spiders will love the content and you will love the results!
For more information or to talk to one of our specialists about website design please feel free to visit the Fresh Egg website, send an email to or call us on 0845 373 1077

Published on: 11:07AM on 27th October 2011