Acxiom® Corporation, a recognised leader in marketing services and technology, today announced the creation of one of the biggest and most accurate email prospect pools available on the UK market, holding 20 million addresses.

Email Prospect Universe will eliminate the problems associated with using several different sources simultaneously to send out email marketing campaigns. This can result in people receiving more than one message, ultimately causing damage to the brand, as well as being inefficient and costly.

Apart from its sheer scale, Email Prospect Universe differs from other players in the market because it benefits from Acxiom’s data and campaign management services, as well as selections from the company’s comprehensive lifestyle database, InfoBase, which covers 90% of UK households and contains almost 1,000 unique variables.

Steve Burden, Acxiom’s Vice President, Europe, Customer Information Products, said: “We believe there is a need for medium and large organisations targeting consumers with email campaigns to have more efficient and accurate ways of doing so at their fingertips, with all the addresses they need held in one place.

“An email prospect pool of this size, underpinned by our lifestyle data and campaign management services, means existing clients and organisations that are new to email marketing will be able to reach larger volumes of leads with a higher degree of accuracy than was previously possible in the UK. This means they can target their ideal customers, while reducing the potential for brand damage and wasted money and effort that sending unwanted messages can bring.”

Published on: 1:01PM on 27th October 2011