Adobe has updated its Scene7 solution to offer automated, optimised delivery of rich media content across devices including desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

The latest upgrade to the solution automatically detects the device and bandwidth a consumer is using; allowing an optimised viewing experience for each screen. Universal viewers use a single URL to serve product images or video in the right viewer and format.

New social shopping capabilities have been added to the platform. Consumers can now upload user generated videos, for example to provide product reviews or enter competitions. The Scene7 platform then optimises and publishes the video content, enabling retailers and brands to engage with shoppers socially through video.

“The latest system update will enable speedy delivery across all devices – it detects and instantly serves the right rich experience, in the right format,” said Max Childs, Senior Marketing Manager for EMEA at Adobe. “It dramatically simplifies the deployment of optimised viewing experiences on each screen a shop can be accessed from. You don’t need to create different iterations of images and videos. The new customer video upload feature allows social interaction and makes it easy for retailers to create a shopper community on their sites.”

Other Adobe Scene7 upgrade features:

• Optimised streaming video on iOS devices provides a smooth video playback experience: Adobe Scene7 eVideo now provides optimal playback experience on iPhones and iPad tablets. Updated with the latest enhancements to Adobe video technologies, eVideo viewers for iOS devices offer instant video playback, even when skipping ahead. Additionally, embedded technology provides adaptive video streaming, detecting device bandwidth (3G, 4G, WiFi) and automatically adjusting video quality throughout the user experience to provide uninterrupted, high-quality playback.

• Dynamic Banners feature real-time rich media content conversion into HTML5 format: Adobe Scene7 Dynamic Banners now feature real-time file conversion from Flash to HTML5, allowing retailers and brands to optimise and automate content delivery of animated banners across channels and devices, including iOS. Incorporating a JavaScript embed code, the single URL for a templated dynamic banner has built-in intelligence to detect the type of interactive media support available and automatically serve dynamic banners in the right format.

• Extended integration with Adobe Creative Suite streamlines video content workflows to drive greater ROI: The new Adobe Scene7 Extension for Adobe Premiere® Pro lets users upload, preview, and customise video projects to Adobe Scene7 directly within Adobe Premiere Pro. This enables a smooth, efficient workflow for creating Adobe Scene7 eVideos. Similar to the previously released Adobe Creative Suite extensions, the "publish" capability further allows publication of video assets already uploaded to Adobe Scene7 to live image servers directly.

• Flash to DHTML5: The platform now enables Flash to DHTML5 ‘on the fly’ conversion.

• New Adobe Scene7 HTML5 Viewer SDK: Creates innovative customer experiences with custom viewers for non Adobe Flash technology supported channels. This HTML5 component-based framework enables extensive customisation of Adobe Scene7 viewers for HTML5-supported sites and devices, such as iOS and Android. It offers flexibility and creativity to uniquely brand the viewer appearance and its interactivity. Additionally, reusable performance-optimised components lower the overall cost of viewer development and accelerate custom development.

About Adobe Scene7
Adobe Scene7, part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite (OMS), powered by Omniture, is a hosted solution for managing, enhancing, publishing and delivering dynamic marketing assets and rich visual merchandising to Web, mobile, email, Internet-connected displays and print. With Scene7, companies can grow revenues, enhance customer experience and cut production costs via an easy-to-use, Web-based system requiring minimal IT support. Scene7 is tightly integrated with Adobe’s analytics & conversion products, which allow online marketers to test, measure and optimize key messages; target specific segments with relevant content; combine attitudinal data with analytics to better understand behavior and leverage merchandising strategies to sell products and services.

Leading companies using Adobe Scene7 solutions include QVC, Harrods, Macy's, Office Depot, Polo Ralph Lauren, La-Z-Boy, Lands' End, Blockbuster, VF Corporation and Levi Strauss & Co. For more information about Adobe Scene7, visit

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Published on: 11:41AM on 28th October 2011