LONDON, UK – 28th October 2011 – Merchenta today announced the general availability of PageDNA(tm) for Merchenta advertisers following successful trials over the summer.

PageDNA(tm) enables Merchenta to perform sophisticated real-time contextual analysis of publisher web pages, to ensure Merchenta IntelliAds are deployed in brand safe and effective placements, at scale.

Unlike alternative approaches, PageDNA(tm) works within the real-time bidding cycle to ensure accurate and effective display ad placements before an ad is displayed – not after the fact.

Dr Sadiq Jaffer, Merchenta CTO noted – “For the first time, advertisers can be sure that relevant ads are shown to consumers in brand-safe and effective locations, dynamically in real-time.”

Using sophisticated proprietary algorithms, Merchenta analyses the composition of each ad placement across over 500 attributes to match IntelliAds with appropriate publisher content in locations that are effective in driving conversion.

Using PageDNA(tm), Merchenta can answer these questions in real-time about individual display ad placements – what is the page about, does the page contain inappropriate user-generated content, does the page contain positive sentiment for the advertiser, does the page structure lend itself to effective conversion – and more.

By operating in real-time, it's even possible to assess the PageDNA(tm) of frequently changing user-generated content (eg forums, blogs) as it emerges. So, brand safety and intent match can be maintained even on fast-changing content sites.


About Merchenta

Merchenta intelligently engages consumers with dynamic, personalized online advertising. Merchenta IntelliAds deliver incremental, risk-free revenues to online retailers using advanced behavioural analytics and sophisticated retargeting, pre-retargeting and audience extension strategies. Clients range across telecoms, fashion, publishing & retail. Merchenta is privately held and headquartered in London, UK with offices in Poland.

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Published on: 2:47PM on 28th October 2011