New research by user experience experts, Nomensa and not-for-profit specialists THINK Consulting Solutions has highlighted the huge scope for improvement for charities’ donation journeys.

Nomensa and THINK Consulting Solutions have produced a whitepaper which has found that 47% of people who visit a website intending to make a donation, don’t get to the end of the process.

With the economic situation as it is, charities cannot afford to be losing almost half their donations, making the case even stronger for increased understanding in this area.

The whitepaper draws upon the psychological factors that can be used to influence a positive behavioural response. Through the careful and appropriate use of empathy and reward visitors can be significantly motivated to donate. The research also evaluates the differences between an ecommerce experience and the act of giving a donation.

The act of giving produces a greater level of motivation than an ecommerce transaction and donors should be better rewarded for their commitment. This in turn will create a deeper donor relationship, encouraging future interaction and donations. The whitepaper goes on to provide an introduction to designing the perfect donation journey including 8 top tips.

Having collaborated to redesign the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) donation journey, Nomensa and THINK Consulting Solutions presented their initial findings at the Institute of Fundraising’s National Convention. This presentation was then developed into this whitepaper, looking at designing the perfect donation journey. The work that Nomensa and THINK Consulting Solutions did with UNHCR significantly improved their online donation journey.

Simon Norris, CEO of Nomensa comments:

“Providing every potential donor with a donation experience that guides them quickly through the process is totally relevant giving the huge online opportunity that exists. Non-profits should take a lesson from successful ecommerce brands to understand and deliver an optimal donation experience. The work we are doing with THINK Consulting Solutions will help any organisation that is serious about providing a better donation experience that in turn, results in greater revenues.”

The full whitepaper can be downloaded on Nomensa’s website:

Published on: 10:12AM on 1st November 2011