SapientNitro is supporting a collaborative digital initiative that will raise funds for African famine relief. A team of creatives, designers, developers and producers from SapientNitro have committed their time and energies to create ‘The Pound Store’, an online pound shop where the proceeds go towards saving lives of famine victims in East Africa.

‘The Pound Store’ ( is SapientNitro’s contribution to 50/50, a collaborative fundraising experiment for which individuals and agencies around the world create innovate digital projects to raise money for famine relief. The aim of 50/50 is to create 50 digital projects in 50 days that will raise £1m in funds.

Users donate by buying items for a pound, such as maize, mosquito nets or malaria vaccine. Every pound donated goes directly towards the UNICEF famine relief fund.

The project was initiated at SapientNitro by the senior creative team, Claire Baker and Laura Fisher, who were passionate about supporting the UNICEF famine relief fund. They found equal support in SapientNitro’s Chief Creative Officer, Malcolm Poynton, who introduced the wider team behind ‘The Pound Store’, from SapientNitro’s London and Munich offices, comprises: Lissa Robinson (Producer), Robbie Davies and Anja Hoffman (Design), Simon Philips (Copy) Sjors Tilsman (IA), Neil Mckenzie, Olu Adegun, David Strugnell and Ben Dunkley (Developers).

50/50 is a fundraising ‘experiment’ initiated by Good For Nothing (, the “creative collaboration gig bringing together awesome causes with a collective of thinkers, makers and tinkerers applying their skills to do some good for nothing.” The collaboration behind 50/50 sees leading agencies including BBH, Fallon, CHI and many others, which have been committing company time and resource over the past 50 days to create their own online fundraising projects. The 50 projects launch on or around UN World Food Day on October 16th, and can be found at

Claire Baker, Senior Creative, at SapientNitro, says: “The Pound Store is an online pound shop with a twist. The products represent aid items supplied to victims in times of crisis and show £1 can make a real difference. Simply fill your basket to donate directly to the UNICEF relief fund.”

Malcolm Poynton, Chief Creative Officer Europe at SapientNitro, says: “The Pound Store puts the East African famine in context for everyone. It shows the difference a single pound can make and puts it squarely within reach of all people to contribute.”

Published on: 3:50PM on 2nd November 2011