Pippa Norris from the Ministry of Defence today spoke at the MediaPro Conference in London about how a new digital strategy was the catalyst for The British Army to unify their brand, create a sense of identity and communicate better online.

She co-presented with Jens Lundgaard, CEO of Brandworkz www.brandworkz.com, The British Army’s brand management technology partner, at this major marketing industry conference.

Pippa Norris told how she was brought into the MOD to look at how to draw the organisation’s digital presence together, create a coherent visual online look and feel and also instil a sense of cultural identity in every soldier and officer through a new digital branding and communications strategy. There was no sense of harmony or coherence to the Army’s stable of digital brand assets as a whole and no sense of common branding vision and identity.

Pippa talked about how The British Army’s digital and branding footprint had previously been a fragmented collection of many different units, regiments and divisions, each with their own historic sense of how they presented themselves. She had to overcome internal traditions about how regiments communicated and their own views about their individual identity.

The outcome of her work is that the organisation has been drawn together within the new army website at www.army.mod.uk . This site communicates the same sense of discipline, values and standards as the regiments operate under in the off-line world. Logos, images, colours and navigation are consistent and user friendly.

On the website real soldiers tell of life in Afghanistan or experiences in officer training at Sandhurst, in effect making them brand ambassadors who live and breathe the brand itself.

This visual and verbal coherence is driven by The Army’s brand management portal, Brandworkz, The portal provides the brand guidelines, imagery and logos which are used anywhere online, whether on the blog, Twitter feed or website. Pippa referred to Brandworkz as ‘a single version of the truth’, meaning the portal is enabling the army’s brand to be used consistently everywhere, every time by everyone.

Since the launch of the new website, the Army has seen a strong return on investment. The brand is now coherent, consistent and clearly understood. The organisation has made huge cost savings because there is now only one site to manage, not many dozens and traffic is at a steady 750-800,000.

Jens wrapped up by talking about why it is important to manage brands well because consistent brands create strong organisations.

Jens Lundgaard, CEO of Brandworkz said “We are delighted that Pippa was able to co-present with us. The British Army story is a living demonstration of how good brand management can benefit an organisation, and is a great example of why businesses need more than just Digital Asset Management.” http://www.brandworkz.com/features/digital-asset-management/


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Published on: 11:00AM on 3rd November 2011