Companies are investing in a broad range of digital marketing applications, despite a widespread lack of boardroom understanding, according to research published by Econsultancy and Adobe today.

The second Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, based on a survey of 900 businesses, has found that the vast majority of responding companies (85%) believe that marketing applications help them make better marketing decisions, while 63% say that it makes marketing easier.

The most widely used marketing applications include web analytics (used by 93% of European businesses surveyed), CRM (76%) and paid search bid management (68%).

However, the research also found that many organisations are struggling to supplement their spend with an adequate investment in resources and processes.

Companies are as likely to disagree as agree with the statement that their ‘senior executives understand the importance of marketing technology’.

The research also looks at the extent to which different digital marketing tools have a significant impact on ‘the bottom line’, and whether or not they are regarded as resource-intensive.

The report follows the first Econsultancy / Adobe Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing published in July 2011 which looked at some of the most important trends facing digital marketers.

Linus Gregoriadis, Econsultancy’s Research Director, said: “Marketers have a greater array of tools at their disposal than ever before. It is crucial that any investment in digital marketing is accompanied by a commitment to people and processes in order to get value from the increasingly powerful applications available.”

Neil Morgan, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Adobe, said: “This research exposes the massive opportunity that exists to optimise our digital marketing spend. Only a quarter of those surveyed are using conversion and optimisation tools, but almost half that do are reporting a significant impact on their bottom line.

"We know that consumers visit a number of web sites prior to making online purchases, but the vast majority of the content being presented is generic, rather than targeted. In these challenging times getting more return from our ongoing digital spend, through applications like testing and targeting, presents a clear opportunity for digital marketers to raise their game.”

The research also found that just under two-thirds of European marketers are using (26%) or planning to use (34%) marketing automation tools, slightly less than their US counterparts (71%).

Some 15% of European companies are now using attribution management and modelling applications, and this figure increases to 22% for organisations with annual revenues of more than £50m.

In the US, almost a third of companies (29%) are now using attribution software, increasing to 41% for organizations with annual revenues of more than $50m.

Two versions of the second Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing are available, showing separate data for European and North American survey respondents.

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Published on: 11:33AM on 3rd November 2011