Geneva-based Customer Support moves back to London following acquisition of PSINet UK last year · New European Customer Service Centre will take on fault management for all previous PSINet UK data customers · Migration part of Telstra’s commitment to one service for all its customers as it consolidates voice and data offering

Telstra Europe Limited announces today that it has bucked the trend towards offshoring customer support outside the UK and successfully migrated its customer services operation from Switzerland back to the UK. The move took place over Christmas with no disruption to its 3,000 data customers, and the establishment of its new European Customer Service Centre will create up to
25 new jobs within the company.

The Geneva-based support operation was inherited from PSINet UK as part of its acquisition by Telstra in August last year and, for the first months of the new converged company, all data customers continued to be managed from there. However, given its commitment to customer service and desire to simplify its service structure and brand over the coming months, Telstra decided that it was more appropriate to bring PSINet UK customers' fault management and customer support services back to the UK.

As a result, all first and second line support calls are now being handled by the newly created European Customer Service Centre, and over the coming months it is expected that further consolidation of the service management of all Telstra products will take place. A dedicated Service Centre has been built in Telstra’s state-of-the-art London Hosting Centre, located in Docklands.

David Thorn, CEO of Telstra Europe, said: “This move is an important step forward in our journey to become a unified company for our customers. In providing voice and data services, we needed to ensure that the support for both these services is of the highest quality: by bringing them together in the UK, we have the chance to demonstrate our commitment to this cause.

“At a time when many companies are being criticised for moving their customer support services out of the country – the phenomenon known as offshoring – I am also pleased that we are able to buck this trend and bring our service back to the UK, creating more jobs and bringing us closer to our customers.”


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Telstra Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telstra Corporation Limited (ASX:TLS). It has been operational in Europe for over 13 years, providing leading edge voice, mobility and data solutions to many of the world's largest corporations and value-added resellers and partners. It is a full telecoms service provider and owns and operates a 1,400 km all-SDH network passing through major UK cities. It has switches in London, Birmingham and Manchester and 14 co-location points throughout the UK. Telstra sells an extensive range of domestic and international services to medium sized business and multinational corporations in the UK

Telstra Corporation Limited is a full service global telecommunications company. It has been ranked as the 5th best performing telco* in the world and is one of the few telcos with an A+ credit rating

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Published on: 12:00AM on 7th February 2005