Online display ads that are personalised to specific audience groups are much more likely to drive sales, particularly during consumers’ consideration phase, according to new research.

In The Impact of Creative Personalisation: A Case Study of Users’ Responses to Targeted Ads in the Automotive Sector, a new whitepaper by global online advertising provider Tribal Fusion, the company found that audiences who view ads personalised to identified demographics and interests, were much more likely to respond.

The research supports the case for wider use of dynamic ads technology, which delivers tailored creative to consumers’ according to the audience groups in which they sit. They enable specific creative messaging and executions to be delivered according to previous internet behaviour data such as location, viewed content and activity.

Tribal Fusion revealed the findings in a specially-commissioned research study by HPI, which examined the impact of personalised creative in the automotive sector.
The research finds:
• 60% of parents with small children at home are more likely to respond to an ad with an emphasis on safety
• Early adopters of technology were 20% more likely to visit a manufacturer’s website if the advert emphasised the car’s technology
• 75% of car enthusiasts would visit a manufacturer’s website that emphasised the best-in-class features

Graham Ratcliffe, client strategy manager at Tribal Fusion UK, author of the research, said: “This research shows that dynamic ads ought to be a key element in advertisers’ online campaigns. They can be the most successful route to producing advertising that people will respond to and that helps drive consumers through the purchase funnel.”

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Published on: 11:49AM on 8th November 2011