Commission Junction, a division of ValueClick, today announces the launch of a new PayPerCall programme with online travel agent, Directline Holidays. Founded in 1993, the company is one of the most experienced online travel agents in the UK offering holiday packages from all the major tour operators as well as bespoke holidays designed by their team of travel specialists.

The PayPerCall programme will provide affiliates with a unique telephone number to display across any form of media as the call to action in Directline Holidays’ PayPerCall campaign. The PayPerCall programme means that an affiliate who traditionally had to have a specific link on a web page in order to get paid commission, now has a unique telephone number they can use on any type of media on or offline.

The PayPerCall technology allows Directline Holidays’ to attribute all of their affiliate sales leads back to their affiliates and reward accordingly. Before now, affiliates would lose out when customers chose to leave the website preferring to book by phone. Directline Holidays is working closely with Commission Junction to develop a comprehensive online strategy which offers a holistic view of the company’s online marketing spend and ensures all sales leads are correctly attributed.

On the appointment of Commission Junction, Katie Sebire, Online Marketing Manager said “It was clear that Commission Junction had the resource needed to deliver a stellar affiliate marketing programme and we’re looking forward to the results and reports that the PayPerCall initiative promises. It’s always problematic to bridge the gap between online and offline and this is what the programme with Commission Junction proposes to do – it’s a very exciting development and we’re all keen to see the imminent results.”

“There’s a tipping point where consumer behaviour changes when the price of a product increases or when purchases are complicated,” commented Florian Gramshammer, UK country manager for Commission Junction. “From our global experience, we have shown that calls convert more purchases than online adverts for high value purchases such as holidays. The programme we have developed is revolutionary and we hope that Directline Holidays can help pave the way for developments in the affiliate sector.”


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Published on: 11:54AM on 9th November 2011