London, 11th November, 2011

Leading mobile marketing and technology company, Incentivated, has created a mobile –optimised website for the Community Security Trust (CST). The mobile site uses Incentivated’s phone detection API to display the site to its best capability depending upon the viewer’s handset, regardless of whether smart or feature phone.

CST is the only organisation in the country dedicated to collecting, analysing, responding to and refuting anti-Semitic sentiment.

The mobile site went live on 26th September and enables people in the UK to report acts of anti-Semitism such as graffiti, abusive behaviour and assaults. Enabling the community to access the site through their mobile phones makes reporting faster and easier, and makes responses to these reports quicker. The site is written in HTML5 meaning on some phones CST can quickly obtain GPS data to provide a more accurate location of a given report.

CST now have a simple, clean, and easy to navigate site that is easily viewed when people are out and about. It also has clear calls to action such as ‘click to call' for the emergency services or the local CST office.


For further information:
Contact information
Jason Cross, Marketing Director
+44 (0) 20 7392 2323

About CST

Every year CST helps secure over 300 synagogues; over 120 Jewish schools; more than 1000 Jewish communal organisations and buildings; and approximately 1000 communal events. CST also represents the Jewish community on a wide range of Police, governmental and policy-making bodies dealing with security and anti-Semitism. Indeed, the Police and government praise CST as a model of how a minority community should protect itself.

CST is the only organisation in the country dedicated to collecting, analysing, responding to and publishing statistics relating to anti-Semitic figures. CST publishes these figures in the Anti-Semitic Incidents Report annually.

CST statistics, opinion and analysis are also sought by the media, academic bodies, law enforcement and government on all matters relating to anti-Semitism, terrorism, communal security and policing.

As the threat of terrorism and the physical manifestation of anti-Semitism –anti-Semitic incidents – increase, so the work of CST becomes even more essential. CST’s aim is to provide the community with as high a level of security as possible to combat these threats, enabling Jewish community life to be open, proud and strong.

About Incentivated

Incentivated ( is an independent technology company with 10 years’ experience operating exclusively in the mobile marketing services sector.

We help our international client base engage with their customers by designing, developing and delivering integrated acquisition, retention (CRM) and transaction (mCommerce) campaigns and services for mobile.

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Published on: 2:45PM on 11th November 2011