Facilitate Digital’s (ASX:FAC) recent study into online display advertising concludes that over one-third of ads across major Western European markets remain unseen, and that the lack of ad visibility measurement results in a third of online display investment being wasted.

London, 15 November 2011 – A Facilitate Digital (ASX:FAC) study into the true visibility of online display advertising in Western Europe has uncovered some surprising results. It concludes that 34% of all online display advertising is never actually visible to the user.

Publishers’ web sites are designed to maximize online advertising revenue by placing advertising throughout each web page. The result is that many web sites have become ‘tabloid’ in design and require the user to scroll down many times ‘below the fold’ before they reach the bottom of the page. The ads that are placed in bottom and side positions often remain unseen, outside the visible area of the browser window.

One third of all online display advertising is invisible to the user

In this study Facilitate Digital collected the visibility data for over 1 billion advertising impressions for a cross-section of advertisers in key Western European countries from July to September 2011.

The click-through-rate (CTR) in Austria (0.17%), Switzerland (0.15%), and Germany (0.11%) were noticeably higher than in Sweden (0.09%), UK (0.07%), and The Netherlands (0.05%). Due to the fact that agencies and advertisers in these countries have already started to address the issue by first measuring and then removing low visibility inventory from media buys.

“The CTR would increase by a third if the invisible display advertising inventory were removed. Naturally the cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) rates would also improve driving significantly increased ROI ”, stated Timothy Whitfield, Facilitate Digital’s Global Director of Technical Innovation.

The format of online display adverts also has an impact on creative visibility. Half page ads (78%) not surprisingly given their physical presence on the page have the highest visibility rate. The lowest creative visibility rates were recorded for skyscrapers (62%), because they are often on the far right of the page and not immediately visible unless the user scrolls.

Creative visibility rate measurement is critical for ROI optimisation

“Facilitate Digital’s study shows that online advertisers in Western Europe are wasting over a third of their online display advertising investment, which can be significantly reduced through the use of creative visibility measurement”, stated Stewart Emerson, Managing Director Facilitate Digital UK.

Without measuring creative visibility it is impossible to make accurate campaign optimisation decisions, which results in an inability to maximise campaign ROI.

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Published on: 5:31PM on 15th November 2011