Flow Interactive, one of the early pioneers of user experience design, has appointed a new Director of Design - Rob Varney - to head up the re-energised brand.

Varney has been hired to re-establish Flow at the leading edge of interaction design. The refreshed proposition fills an emerging market gap for an agency with a deep understanding of customers to solve the most complex design challenges brands now face in the digital space.

The move comes at the end of an exciting year for Flow, having joined the Foolproof Group - Europe’s largest specialist experience design consultancy - earlier in the year. The re-invigorated offering takes Flow back to its roots in interaction design, deep thinking and elegant solutions, put down over 15 years in business.

Varney believes Flow has an exceptional team equipped with the specialist skills needed to handle the complexities of heavyweight interaction design; taking on the kind of briefs that mainstream digital agencies currently can’t tackle.

Varney said: “Many design teams find themselves wading out of their depth because they don’t fully expose the problem space in which the solution will live. Effective solutions are born out of a real understanding of the rational and emotional desires of people and this can only be achieved by taking the time to gather real insight.

“Designing great digital interactions requires more than creative flair and technical skill. Digital interactions have to be seen in the broader context of brand experience, emotional engagement and commercial reality. We’ve thought about this intersection a great deal and brought together a team with the skills to collectively analyse a problem and develop a solution that meets business and customer objectives.”

The team has already begun work on some exciting projects with brands including Autoglass®, easyJet, Sony and GNER. Varney adds, “We’re planning to push boundaries and challenge existing practices; it’s an exciting place to be.”

Varney has over 13 years’ experience in interface design planning and production enabling him to bridge the gap between the disciplines of graphic and experience design and to effectively translate design principles into elegant solutions. He has worked on projects for clients such as Innocent Drinks, HSBC, Ladbrokes, Jordans, Samsung, Fujifilm, May Gurney, Aviva, RBS, Virgin and Canal Digital.

Find out more about Flow Interactive on their new website: www.flow-interactive.com

Published on: 9:35AM on 24th November 2011