LONDON, 7 December 2011

Shopzilla Europe, the shopping search engine, has unveiled the European winners of its annual Circle of Excellence Awards. The awards recognise the top performing online retailers that provided outstanding online customer experiences throughout this past year, as rated by their customers.

The 2011 Shopzilla Circle of Excellence winners are:

Beauty Flash
Cartridge SAVE
Swagger & Swoon
Village Hats
Livefood UK Ltd

Centrale D'achat Ubaldi
Coudre et
La Cabane en Ligne
La Maison de la Corde
Le Pape
Made in Sport
Maison Tasset
Music Store
Platine Center
Pour Chien et Chat
Les Kinousses
Arthus & Co.

Xergia Beautyspot
Fan and more
Grubauer's Gewürze & Teeversand

These retailers can now proudly display the Shopzilla Circle of Excellence badge on their websites for the next year.

The Shopzilla customer feedback platform and tools have the power to enhance retailers’ success and customer loyalty. The 2011 Shopzilla Circle of Excellence award was earned by 32 online retailers in Europe, out of the thousands of retailers in its European network. This year’s Circle of Excellence recipients range from Livefoods Direct, which sells animal food such as locusts and mealworms, to Beauty Flash which specialises in skincare products. These top performing websites find the feedback platform essential in maintaining superior customer service and gaining consumer insights.

“We make it a business priority to ensure as we evolve, customer satisfaction remains our key focus. To be recognised for the third time by the Circle of Excellence Awards is great confirmation that our direction is the right one. The daily reports Shopzilla provide, enable us to review and track our performance as well as respond quickly to customer comments, streamlining our entire Customer Service process. The achievement is a great milestone for the Surfdome team, however we will continue to review and improve our process to remain at the forefront of the industry.” Said Justin Stone, Managing Director,

Neil McCarthy, Senior Director B2B, at Shopzilla Europe said, “Shopzilla reaches around 14 million* shoppers across Europe per month and by asking real customers for their feedback on their shopping experience we can offer retailers genuine competitive insight which is not available on this scale elsewhere.

“Shopzilla enables retailers to understand their customers’ reactions by providing tools and reports about their customers’ experiences of their own websites. These tools are provided free of charge. The feedback and ratings programme not only provides benchmarking information but also aids other marketing programmes through the integration of these results in Google’s adwords programme.”

In order to earn the Circle of Excellence award these successful retailers have received significantly higher customer ratings than the average scores for their country across seven key satisfaction indicators:

• Overall satisfaction at the point of sales
• Product selection
• Ease of finding what the customer is looking for
• Repurchase intent after order receipt
• Product met expectations after order receipt
• On-time delivery
• Customer support

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Published on: 10:11AM on 7th December 2011