Today, a social-media based coupon code directory and search engine, revealed that it has already seen an increase in social media usage for the early stages of the 2011 holiday shopping season. The site reports that recently about 30% to 35% of all coupons tracked daily by the site are being tweeted by a retailers' associated Twitter account. “More retailers are distributing their coupons and promotions directly to their followers via their social media accounts in hopes to increase sales and further brand exposure through "retweets" and viral spreading of these coupon campaigns” stated founder Marc Mezzacca. Compared to how many retailers were tweeting their own coupons earlier this year, CouponFollow estimates it is up about 12% since early Q4 2011.

CouponFollow believes this number will rapidly expand in 2012. "Currently about 65% of the verified e-commerce websites in our database have an associated Twitter account. Others do not have their Twitter account easily accessible on their website, don’t actively use Twitter, or don't have a Twitter account at all yet" added Mezzacca. When looking only at coupons for verified e-commerce sites which do have an associated Twitter account on file, the number of retailers tweeting coupons in this group jumps to about half (around 50%). CouponFollow estimates this to be around a 10% to 15% increase from just a few months earlier. “It certainly shows more and more retailers are getting involved in using social media as another channel for distributing promotions, especially during peak holiday times” stated Mezzacca.

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday CouponFollow saw about 5 times the amount of coupon codes being mentioned on Twitter then on an average day. CouponFollow estimates the coupons it tracked reached well over 15 million followers feeds on these two shopping-centric holidays alone.

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About CouponFollow

CouponFollow is a social-media based coupon code search engine and directory. CouponFollow tracks coupons mentioned on Twitter and allows online shoppers to easily find the hottest coupon savings based on social media trends. Since launching in 2009 CouponFollow has tracked over 2 million coupon related tweets for over 400,000 online coupon codes.

Published on: 9:30AM on 8th December 2011