SapientNitro is pleased to announce that VisitEngland’s website has been awarded ‘Best Tourist Board Website’ in the British Travel Awards 2011.

The BTAs are a benchmark for excellence in the industry, decided by 700,000 votes cast by the public this year, making them the largest awards programme in the UK to recognise the best companies and organisations in travel. VisitEngland was Winner in the ‘Best Tourist Board Website’ for, followed by VisitScotland (Silver) and VisitFlorida (Bronze)., the national tourist board’s consumer-facing website, was created by SapientNitro and aims to inspire domestic and international visitors to take a break in England by providing a wealth of information on destinations, attractions and accommodation.

For, SapientNitro took a ground breaking approach to deliver a more personalised website experience, offering destination suggestions and information based on users’ browsing and populated by up to date content supplied through partnerships with regional media, TripAdvisor, Flickr and by users themselves. Visitors are offered an immersive experience, with more practical information than other tourist sites, and mapping tools to help plan trips. The magazine-like tone of voice and use of iconic imagery show a strong sense of personality and Englishness, evoking a holiday feel. The objective was to provide relevant content based on user needs and navigation, guiding people onto other sites for more specific information or to book a holiday.

Innovative tools like the ‘inspirator’ and ‘destination finder’ help holidaymakers to plan their trips. The ‘inspirator’ suggests trip ideas based on season, location and the visitor’s mood or interests, while the ‘destination finder’ maps ideas and practical information such as accommodation, attractions and events.

VisitEngland’s Chairman, Lady Cobham, said: “We are delighted to receive the British Tourism Award for It is a key channel to inspire both domestic and inbound visitors to book a holiday in England, so this acknowledgment is particularly welcome as we prepare to capitalise on the great marketing opportunities offered by the wonderful events taking place in 2012.”

Malcolm Poynton, Chief Creative Officer Europe, SapientNitro says: “The BTA award for ‘Best Tourist Board Website’ is a ringing endorsement for SapientNitro’s Idea Engineering approach which has helped VisitEngland redefine how it connects with its audiences. offers a rich and personalised digital experience, with more actionable ways for users to improve their holidays in this country.”

Published on: 10:59AM on 8th December 2011