Aprimo welcomed client and advocate, the Gartner award winning International Speedway Corporation (ISC) to the UK this week by running the first of a series of ‘LEADER Seminars’ at the Landmark Hotel in central London.

The ISC is the world’s leading promoter of motor sports with over four million customers. Jim Cavedo, senior director of consumer marketing for the ISC proved to be a passionate speaker, presenting details of the ISC / Aprimo partnership to a group of marketing managers and directors from across the country.

Of Aprimo Integrated Marketing Software Jim says:

“It has been critically important to our business, managing more processes with less staff and in less time. I do not know how we would have done this without Aprimo.”

Jim admits the ISC had a limited understanding of the needs of their changing customer base five years ago, and that there were no reporting systems in place. The ISC realised it had to innovate to gain a 360 degree view of its customers and to effectively handle the 200,000 leads they receive each year. So in 2009, the ISC researched eight Integrated Marketing Software providers and Aprimo came out as the clear winner.

Since signing with Aprimo, annual costs were returned within the first year, email campaigns have expanded from 250 in 2007 to over 1,000 in 2010, marcomms time-to-market has halved and ROI is expected to improve year on year.

By gaining a better understanding of its customers the ISC has now amended ticket pricing and begun upgrading its facilities. Jim admits that without Aprimo Integrated Marketing Software, they wouldn’t have known they needed to do this.

Jim skilfully handled a number of questions from the audience before heading off to the Netherlands to continue his Aprimo ‘tour’.

The event also provided a great opportunity to meet Simon Griggs, the new Regional Manager for Aprimo UKI who kicked off proceedings at 8.30am, setting the scene for marketers today in an ever challenging climate where companies demand more for less.

Keep an eye out for the next ‘LEADER Seminar’ to be held by Aprimo in the spring 2012.

About Aprimo:

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Published on: 10:17AM on 9th December 2011