3663, one of the leading foodservice wholesale distributors in the UK, has partnered with social commerce platform Colony Commerce to develop a unique mCommerce service for its wholesale customers.

A one-stop-shop for caterers of all sizes, 3663 commissioned Colony Commerce to develop an iPhone-based mCommerce platform to reflect feedback from its customers who are looking for more choice in how they can place orders. This is also to make the most of new opportunities with customers moving towards smartphone technology and self-service, as well as take advantage of its cost benefits as a channel to the SME market and enterprise clients.

Colony Commerce delivered a unique product to meet all of 3663’s requirements:

• A fully integrated mCommerce platform
• A promotion suite with at-checkout offers and final live lookup
• A comprehensive product catalogue with promotional display
• A live lookup schedule of delivery dates/times
• A simple user interface and intuitive design architecture
• A robust yet flexible infrastructure readily adaptable for business growth

Nicholas Weber at 3663 said: ‘We’ve built our reputation on delivering a first-class service based on customer wants, needs and experiences. In a fast-paced digital environment, it’s vital that we recognise how our customers want to work with us – the beauty of our new mCommerce platform is that it provides everything they need, whether they’re the smallest independent operator or the largest retail client, in a format they can use with ease any time, anywhere. It’s a breakthrough development for us – one which will enhance our relationship with existing customers and encourage new ones to join us.’

Paul Bidder, Managing Director at Colony Commerce, said: ‘Like all successful companies, 3663 knows its customers. It can clearly see the direction they’re going when it comes to service and technology, and it has the vision to adopt leading-edge solutions to make sure they get what they want. We used that vision to develop an mCommerce platform which is one of a kind in the food services industry – and it’s flexible enough to meet all the challenges of 3663’s bright future.’

For more information, visit www.colonycommerce.com

Notes to editors


3663 is a leading foodservice wholesale distributor and the preferred supply partner for over 60,000 customers across the UK. 3663 prides itself on its ability to provide anything from a teaspoon to a complete catering solution to customers of all sizes, using its national structure and the combined expertise of its employees. It provides every food option from quality ingredients to finished meals, including a number of own brand ranges as well as all the big brands and regional specialities. 3663 also supplies light and heavy catering equipment, cleaning materials and non-food lines.

For more information, visit http://www.3663corporate.co.uk

Colony Commerce

Colony Commerce is an integrated social commerce platform, offering eCommerce, mCommerce and social integration as a standard. It provides a quick-to-market, next generation platform that allows businesses to engage with their customers via web, mobile and social channels.

Colony Commerce has been built specifically for the modern digital shopper, allowing businesses to totally integrate within their consumer’s digital universe, from one central platform giving them the opportunity to communicate with their audience globally, all day every day.

Paul Bidder
Managing Director, Colony Commerce

Published on: 2:55PM on 11th January 2012