Looking for a holiday that’s out of the ordinary? Bored of the busy beaches of the Costa del Sol, the squashed streets of Paris and the crowded all-out chaos that is Disneyland? Here are some of the oddest holiday locations in the world (and even beyond!) to give you a break you’ll never forget…

5: Transylvania, Romania
Forget Bella and Edward, the real vampires are found over in Romania in the mountainous region of Transylvania. When visiting the home of Dracula (aka Vlad the Impaler), vampire hunters can go on a number of tours and visit places associated with the Count including Bran Castle and his tomb at the Snagov Monastery, as well as staying in Dracula-themed accommodation for a seriously spooky break!

4: Roswell, USA
If you’re a UFO hunter, Roswell in New Mexico could be the ideal location for your next break. In 1947, some debris was recovered near the town. The local paper reported that it was a flying saucer and a nearby military airfield published a press release saying that a “flying disc” had indeed been recovered. Later that day, a press conference took place and a high up member of the Air Force said that what had been discovered was simply a weather balloon, which started off many theories that aliens had landed on Earth and the military had covered it all up, theories which many people believe up to this day. The city markets itself on its alleged links to little green men, with attractions such as the International UFO Museum and the annual UFO festival every July, so visit Roswell to discover if the truth really is out there!

3: Chernobyl, Ukraine
On 26 April 1986, the world’s worst ever nuclear disaster took place at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine. Its effects were felt all over Europe (some farms in England and Wales are still restricted in the way the use their land due to the disaster), and the area around the plant is very contaminated. But, if you’re the adventurous type you can go to visit the area. Tours of Chernobyl and the abandoned city of Pripyat are available, but of course all visitors need to take precautions against the high levels of radiation.

2: North Korea
Following the death of their Dear Leader Kim Jong-il (the bad guy in the film Team America if you don’t follow current affairs), this secretive state has been in the news a lot recently but we still don’t know very much about it. However, you can go see it for your own eyes as part of an organised tour. You’ll be led around by a guide to see the sights but you need to be aware that what you can do and say is limited and you need to be conscious of how you act at all times, but you’ll gain a fascinating insight into a very strange land.

1: Space
Space may be the Final Frontier, but thanks to Virgin Galactic it is now within reach of the Average Joe (albeit the Average Joe with thousands of pounds to spare!) Richard Branson’s company is due to launch the first flights sometime this year after building the world’s first commercial spaceport in New Mexico. 430 people have already booked their flights (including music superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z who plan to film a video during their expedition according to reports), and if you want to experience the world from 50,000 ft above and feel weightless for six minutes you can book your place online - for $200,000!

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Published on: 12:26PM on 13th January 2012