Online gift retailers Prezzybox have announced Locayta as their chosen provider of search and merchandising technology. They aim to grow sales revenue by increasing conversion rates, upping average order values, and enhancing customer loyalty.

The brainchild of internet entrepreneur Zak Edwards, Prezzybox's provides unique and exciting gifts with a fun and friendly approach, whilst maintaining the highest standards of customer service. The multiple award winning brand enjoys over 2,000 orders every day and is defying the recession with revenue growth of 34% in the past year alone. As an entirely virtual store, Prezzybox depends on the highest standards of website search and merchandising performance to ensure that customers find the perfect gift every time.

Locayta's unique search and merchandising technology is the preferred choice for more than 100 online retailers worldwide. Their Software as a Service model delivers a quick, convenient and low risk armoury of tools to increase search functionality and achieve inspiring visual merchandising. The software is designed to operate dynamically by responding to site data, or can be configured manually when retailers require more specific control.

Locayta's search functions are particularly vital for Prezzybox, since gift shoppers often seek suggestions and ideas when they are unsure what to buy. Locayta will enable Prezzybox to define search facets that give customers exactly the criteria they need - including the recipient's age and gender, the particular occasion and the relationship between the customer and the recipient.

These facets can be generated automatically via Locayta's intelligent navigation software, or configured manually by Prezzybox to match seasonal and promotional priorities. In addition, auto-complete and spell correction software will virtually eliminate the risk of failed searches through mis-spelling or mis-typing – a cause of up to 50% of unsuccessful searches online.

Meanwhile, Locayta's unique balance factor technology will bring new power and flexibility to Prezzybox's online merchandising. Products can be sequenced to highlight special promotions, control brand alignment, and present priority products to customers. At the same time Locayta's product and accessory recommendation algorithms will allow Prezzybox to suggest additional items that match their users' search and purchase behaviour. This will entice shoppers to make additional purchases, delivering increased average order values for the brand.

Mark Turner, Head of Sales at Locayta, explains the business benefits of Locayta for Prezzybox: “Prezzybox operates entirely online, so Locayta's technology will be crucial in keeping their e-commerce strategy ahead of the game” he says. “Our tools are easy to access and configure without costly changes to site infrastructure – perfect for a busy and fast moving brand. Plus our performance based pricing structure minimises risk and maximises ROI. We are very happy to add Prezzybox to our growing list of clients, and look forward to being a part of their continued success in years to come.”

Mark Turner, Head of Sales
Tel: +44 (0)7814 458654
Met Building
9th Floor
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Published on: 10:03AM on 16th January 2012