, and will use A/B and multivariate testing from Maxymiser to boost conversion rates

Rank Interactive, the online gaming division of the Rank Group plc operating, and, today announces that it is working with Maxymiser, the global expert in multivariate testing, personalisation and optimisation solutions, to deliver the optimal website experience to users and maximise new customer conversion.

Rank Interactive is using MaxTEST™ to undertake live testing with website visitors in order to identify the best design/content/layout combinations that will drive conversions. Maxymiser was chosen because of its depth of experience in the gaming sector, its consultancy-led approach to testing, the ability to run tests across desktop and mobile channels and its easy-to-use OneTouch™ integration platform. The patent-pending OneTouch™ methodology allows new testing campaigns to be launched continuously, without the need for any lengthy coding or change control processes, resulting in a much faster ROI for the business.

Harry Parkes, Director of Customer Experience at Rank Interactive, explains, “When running prototype tests in a lab you’ll always have a simulated environment and people will never behave as they would with their own money in a real gaming situation. Maxymiser allows testing of numerous iterations with live visitors to see exactly how they react to changes in content, design and page layouts. This takes the guesswork out of design and enables us to deliver the best possible customer experience whilst boosting our online revenues across our major gaming and betting websites.”

Parkes continues, “Working with Maxymiser we are able to take a much more strategic approach to optimisation, drawing on their experience in conversion management, combined with proven processes and market-leading technology which is easy to deploy and does not place a burden on our development resources.”

Parkes concludes, “Maxymiser will play a vital role in ensuring that we continually enhance our acquisition strategy across brands. Using Maxymiser we will help us move towards a culture of continuous testing and optimisation, putting customers and data at the heart of design decisions.”

Published on: 5:44PM on 19th January 2012