October 5th, 2011

Retailers to benefit from having their socially sourced information displayed to 7 million unique users every month at a vital point in the purchase journey

Kelkoo, one of Europe’s largest shopping comparison websites, is adding guaranteed-authentic product, retailer and service reviews to all ten of its European sites via Reevoo Broadcast. This will provide seven million unique visitors per month with important, socially-sourced information alongside existing manufacturer product descriptions and price comparisons.

Chris Simpson, CMO Kelkoo said: "In recent years, the customer purchase journey has transformed rapidly into something that is essentially social. Making this sort of information available to Kelkoo visitors is critical in meeting their changing expectations. Such a range of social input enables consumers to make a better purchase decision - which is not just based on price but also on customer opinion, service quality, reputation and more."

Richard Anson, founder and CEO of Reevoo, said: "This is the first time that Reevoo Broadcast has been deployed by a comparison shopping engine [CSE]. It means that reviews, brand, service reputation, and not just price, are all visible to a much larger number of consumers at a tremendously important point in their purchase journey.

"It’s very much a logical extension to our existing content syndication approach," he added. "We already display half a billion pieces of social content every month."

As well as shoppers embarking on their social purchase journey, Reevoo Broadcast benefits both retail and manufacturing brands. Retailers benefit from increased brand exposure, with service reputation reviews helping them to compete on more than just price. Manufacturing brands benefit from the increased exposure of reviews of their products, driving sales of their products across multiple touch points and channels. Across Europe, Kelkoo lists 44 million offers from more than 10,000 online merchants, encompassing countless brands.

Reevoo Broadcast quite literally ‘broadcasts’ the hard-earned social media content of participating retailers and manufacturers – content that includes product reviews, service reviews, and brand opinions. This single action boosts the presence of a brand, improves recognition and generates fantastic brand awareness, and increases the quality and quantity of traffic provided back to the retailer or manufacturer site by comparison shopping engine (CSE) sites.

Reevoo Broadcast is one of several new product announcements from Reevoo (on June 22) that aim to simplify social commerce and help retailers and manufacturers to maximise the value of their social commerce content.

Recent research commissioned by Reevoo provided evidence that socially sourced information is now of huge importance to consumers, with most now relying on social sources to help them make their purchasing decisions. For research on the social purchase journey, download ‘The Reevoo consumer purchasing report, June 2011’ [pdf], and for further details on how the consumer purchasing journey is changing download the ‘Social shopping journey’ whitepaper [pdf].

About Reevoo Broadcast

Reevoo Broadcast is a push-button service that instantly shares a brand’s product and service reviews with Reevoo’s network of comparison shopping engines (CSEs) and publishers. It makes any participating brand more visible to millions of eyeballs on participating CSE sites, improving the quality and quantity of visitors to their site, boosting brand awareness and ultimately driving sales.

About Reevoo

Reevoo (http://b2b.reevoo.com) is Europe’s leading provider of social commerce solutions. Reevoo has been deployed by more than 140 major brands including Sony, Best Buy, Tesco and Dixons helping them to achieve average sales uplifts of 18% through boosted conversion rates and increased order values, turning browsers into shoppers.

Reevoo has solicited more than 2.5 million pieces of independent, impartial social content from genuine customers. To help consumers make their purchase decision, Reevoo provides easy access to this content more than half a billion times every month to shoppers across the Reevoo network.

Reevoo’s consumer website (http://www.reevoo.com) also presents shoppers with everything they need to decide what to buy, including impartial customer reviews, price comparison, expert advice, product information and voucher deals.


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