Oxfordshire, United Kingdom – January 24, 2012 – iJento, a leading provider in multichannel customer intelligence, today launched its next generation analytics datamart and intelligence tools known as iJento 2012 in the UK, USA and Australia. This new product suite will help clients enhance and extend their current web analytics systems into a complete multichannel customer intelligence solution.

The new iJento 2012 Datamart offers expanded capabilities to incorporate online consumer behavioural data and offline channel data, such as call centre, email, store/branch and catalogue, into a single industry-standard SQL Server data store. The result is a single customer view from which organisations can derive original insights into consumer interests, cross-channel navigational behaviours and purchase intents.

To meet market demand, the iJento Datamart 2012 provides clients two different options:

- An enhancement to existing web analytics solutions such as Adobe SiteCatalyst, powered by Omniture, and Google Analytics. These options enable clients to get open access to their existing visitor level web analytics data and extend their capability to multichannel analytics by enabling the integration of offline data.

- An end-to-end solution for clients requiring an iJento only web analytics and multichannel customer intelligence solution.

The company has also launched a new suite of iJento 2012 Intelligence applications to query, visualise, report and analyse multichannel and multi-device data. This enables clients to understand their customers’ journey across multiple channels and devices in order to enhance consumer experiences and increase conversion rates and purchases across channels.

“We are confident that iJento 2012 will become the future framework for multichannel customer intelligence,” said Peter Ryan, Chief Executive, iJento. “It offers clients the flexibility to enhance their existing web analytics investments and extend quickly and easily to multichannel. We offer a fast return on investment and have clients realizing significant financial results such as 26% increase in online sales conversions and 30% annual savings in paid search acquisition costs thanks to better attribution and targeting. We look forward to rolling-out iJento 2012 and offering clients even more powerful multichannel solutions that have a huge impact on their bottom line.”

iJento 2012 is available now and is being recommended to clients in conjunction with two different consulting packages. A silver option that features a tailored scope of works to optimize web analytics investment and a gold option which is aimed at jumpstarting clients who want to take advantage of multichannel data integration and analytics. Existing clients are being upgraded to iJento 2012 during January and February 2012.

More information and screenshots of iJento 2012 are available online at www.iJento.com/2012

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iJento is a technology company that helps data driven organizations integrate and analyze their customer information across multiple channels and devices. The company helps major brands and businesses including Allianz, FT.com, RBS Insurance and Tesco get direct access to their visitor data and gain sophisticated insights into customer behavior, interests and intent at the individual level. iJento is an international company operating in the UK, USA and Australia. www.ijento.com

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Published on: 12:30PM on 24th January 2012