Searchmetrics helping top digital agency to deliver performance based natural search offering

London – 31 January, 2012 – Digital marketing agency, Jellyfish, has signed up to Searchmetrics’ online search analytics service to help support the growth of its natural search business in the UK and USA.

Jellyfish, whose successful paid search background has helped it become one of the UK’s top ten search agencies¹, says Searchmetrics is helping it deliver a transparent, measurable, performance based natural search service that clients will buy into.

“We’ve already built up a very successful paid search offering by focusing on showing clients clear metrics on performance and ROI. We’re now delivering a similar performance based approach for natural search - supported by tools such as Searchmetrics,” said Craig Lister, Client Services Director at Jellyfish, which provides Paid Search (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, Analytics & Optimisation, Display and Creative & Development services.

Lister said clients are sometimes put off natural search by a lack of transparency about what they are paying for:

“We’re hoping to change things by showing clients clear performance data to demonstrate how we’re meeting their objectives.”

Searchmetrics is an on-line subscription service that automates many aspects of SEO analysis, monitoring and reporting for agencies and in-house search marketers. It provides search performance data and analysis relating to multiple domains to support campaign measurement and planning.

The service is being used by Jellyfish’s natural search teams in the UK and USA. The agency put the service through a rigorous evaluation process which included testing its functionality and features and assessing its usefulness on real client projects and new business pitches.

“Compared with other tools we evaluated, Searchmetrics came across as a more professional, robust, finished product with an intuitive, easy to use interface. It provides very comprehensive search performance data, including universal search categories such as video, images, shopping and news. And it lets you very easily and quickly generate reports for clients, which means search teams can spend more time doing rather than reporting,” said Lister.

He was particularly impressed by the insights the service provides to support new business development:

“Searchmetrics gives you ‘instant inspiration’ for developing new business proposals. You just enter any web site URL and it immediately throws up a wealth of valuable information to help you understand its SEO performance, including strengths and vulnerabilities.”

A new social visibility feature which Searchmetrics has introduced to help agencies track clients’ performance on six key social networking and bookmarking sites was an indication of how the company is constantly improving its technology according to Lister:

“Searchmetrics is always looking to improve and innovate and new elements such as the social feature are fully tested and working before being introduced.”

Notes to editors

¹Jellyfish is listed as the 7th largest UK search agency in the NMA listings for 2011 (

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Published on: 3:16PM on 31st January 2012