• Twenty-one retailers across the globe joined Venda in 2011, including industry leaders such as JML, Total Jobs, US Mint, Russell and Bromley and Wonderbra

• Clients report significant year-on-year revenue growth of more than 40%

• Venda predicts continued expansion of its customer base in 2012

LONDON, UK – Venda, the world’s largest provider of multi-channel online commerce, has predicted that the number of retailers turning to its on-demand, cloud based commerce offering will grow again by at least 20 per cent in 2011. The company also warned that businesses that do not focus their commerce strategy on convergence in 2012 will struggle to maintain sales in a difficult and rapidly evolving retail landscape.

Retailers of all sizes, including JML, Total Jobs, US Mint, Russell and Bromley and Wonderbra, have chosen Venda to provide their multi-channel commerce platform over the past year. Venda believes the main reason for such uptake is that it offers greater convergence, significant flexibility, scalability, stability and security and a lower cost of ownership than other comparable high-end solutions.

Eric Abensur, CEO at Venda said: “Our client’s sales have grown significantly in 2011. Overall transactions have increased by 64% and sales values by 47%. Most of our customers have seen year-on-year sales growth in excess of 40% and some as much as 240%. Their success shows the increased influence multi-channel commerce has on all consumer purchase behaviour. Successful retailers no longer question the viability of eCommerce or mobile, or social; instead they are asking how best to converge these channels.

“Businesses that do not adopt a convergent commerce strategy in 2012 will struggle to keep up in a challenging retail landscape. Retailers will need to seize every opportunity to convert shoppers into customers and that means supporting their multi-channel shopping journeys.”

Abensur continued: “2011 has also been a very successful year for Venda; our customer base increased by 25 per cent, which is further proof of the overwhelming attractiveness of our tightly converged multi-channel commerce platform that supports not just a brand’s own website, but also integrates its store, mobile, online marketplaces and social and call-centre channels. We will continue to grow during 2012 through direct sales and via our rapidly expanding partner sales and delivery network.”

Venda believes its growth will be driven through 2012 and beyond by three key factors:

1) Multi-channel – Single channel consumer interaction is no longer enough. Consumers are inventing their own dynamic shopping journeys and adopting new technologies at a faster rate than most retailers can afford within their own infrastructure. Retailers will not be able to justify the cost of investing in on-premise eCommerce infrastructure. Instead they will focus on low cost-of-ownership and shorter timescales to achieve RoI.

a) Mobile Commerce - mCommerce is now a reality. This channel has undergone tremendous growth in 2011 and become practically ubiquitous. The ever increasing adoption of smartphones, tablets and mobile payments means that this channel will be a must-have offering for UK retailers in 2012 and Venda anticipates that most retailers will recognise the need for dedicated mCommerce platforms.

b) Social Commerce – Shopping has always been a social activity. The ability for consumers to interact with each other during the purchasing process has never been greater. Retailers must become more accessible and learn how to turn conversations into sales. In particular retailers must recognise that social commerce and mobile commerce will increasingly converge. In 2012 Venda expects to integrate most of its retailers with Facebook.

2) Internationalisation – eCommerce drastically reduces barriers to entry. UK retailers that want to reduce exposure to the Europe’s fiscal difficulties will need to internationalise. Venda expects to see more UK retailers entering other global markets and global retailers entering the UK market.

3) Increased comparison shopping – Consumers have access at their fingertips to an entire armoury of comparison, review and alternate channels and they use them wherever they are. The retailers who succeed in 2012 will be those who embrace reviews, comparison sites, alternate marketplaces and affiliates.

Abensur summarised: “For those businesses that want to be here next year and to grow over the next five years converged commerce is a necessity. The continued evolution of Venda’s on-demand common infrastructure means that, however consumer habits change, our clients are able to quickly and efficiently adopt and combine channels.”


Customers added in 2011
Total Jobs
Fashion Direct
Tech Depot
The Doors Collection
John Greed
Russell & Bromley
Mamas and Papas
US Mint
Baby Phat
Rebecca Taylor
Susanna Monaco
Maggy London

About Venda
Venda is the world’s largest on-demand ecommerce provider. Processing over $1Bn of transactions annually, its highly flexible convergent cross-channel platform offers retailers the scalability, stability and security for deploying world-class ecommerce sites.

With over ten years’ experience and a presence in the UK, US and France, Venda helps global retailers increase revenues and deliver a return on investment faster than traditional ‘buy and build’ methods. Its expertise in multichannel commerce and knowledge of payment regulations in different countries allows retailers to expand quickly into new markets.
As of December 2011, over 100 retailers of all sizes use Venda’s platform to handle millions of transactions each month. These include Accessorize, Anthropologie, Emma Bridgewater, Jimmy Choo, Paperchase, Royal Doulton, and Clothing at Tesco, BBC and Orange.

For further information please visit http://www.venda.com or join the discussion at www.twitter.com/vendauk

Published on: 6:51PM on 31st January 2012