A Snapshot of Online Marketing Data for Almost Any Web Site, Available to Any Business or Individual Instantly

Searchmetrics, the world leader in search and social analytics software, today announced that it is making a host of complimentary digital marketing data instantly available online, allowing anyone to assess the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), paid search advertising, social media visibility and backlinks structure of virtually any web site.

The data is available via a new online dashboard which has been introduced for the company’s Searchmetics Essentials search and social analytics software, as Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics’ CTO and founder, explains:

“Now anyone can enter the URL of almost any web site into the new Searchmetrics Essentials dashboard to get an at-a-glance snapshot of the search and social success of the site. How does it rank against other sites in terms of organic and paid search? What are some of the top keywords it ranks highly for and who does it compete with in search? It even provides measurements for how often a site’s pages are liked, tweeted and shared etc on top social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If the site you are interested in is one of over 75 million domains we monitor in 15 countries, then our dashboard will show you some valuable insights.”

Searchmetrics is keen to make this data available to anyone who has an interest in search and social media marketing in a bid to demonstrate the power of its Searchmetrics Essentials software.

“For example if you type in bbc.co.uk into the Searchmetrics Essentials dashboard, you can see that according to our analysis the BBC web site is currently estimated to rank No 2¹ in the UK’s top 100,000 sites for SEO visibility and it is ranked No 182² for paid search visibility. The site is estimated to have 68,007,133Facebook likes, shares, and comments which link to its pages and 35,706,182links shared on Twitter,” explained Tober.

“We wanted to offer our services to the widest audience possible so that anyone could see how simple it is to gain market insight and maintain a competitive advantage online. The dashboard gives you a ‘taster’ of the data we can provide. If you are a professional search and social marketer who needs deeper analysis, then you can upgrade to the full version of the software,” added Tober.

Searchmetrics Essentials is powered by the largest, fastest databases available for search and social media giving global marketers instant access to competitive intelligence in organic, paid and universal search, as well as visibility on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +1, Delicious and StumbleUpon.

By providing a powerful single dashboard – instead of multiple tools and websites – the full Searchmetrics Essentials allows marketers to instantly research the visibility of websites, market verticals, industries, and social media presence. Less time spent switching between tools and manually producing reports means more time to focus on activities that drive revenue.

“We monitor 100 million keywords, over 75 million domains, across 15 countries. This means businesses can see how they compare to competitors both here and abroad,” said Tober. “And if you use our enterprise tool the Searchmetrics Suite, you can even monitor in 53 Countries and nearly all search engines in the world.”

Try the new Searchmetrics Essentials online dashboard to get an unrivalled snapshot of online marketing data of any url now by going here: http://suite.searchmetrics.com/en/essentials.

¹ This is calculated through an algorithm developed by Searchmetrics. In this process, we analyse the search results for millions of keywords on Google every month, monitoring where specific domains rank in searches. Several other factors are taken into account, including the search volume for specific keywords, and the probability and number of clicks relative to where a domain is positioned on a search results page. The SEO rank represents the position in the top 100,000 list on which the domain is positioned for SEO Visibility in that country.

² This is calculated by analysing the paid search results for millions of keywords on Google every month. The Paid Visibility score is an index value based on how often a domain appears in paid search results, while taking account of factors such as where the paid search adverts are positioned on search results pages, the cost per click and the volume of searches for individual keywords. The Paid Visibility rank represents the position in the top 100,000 list on which a domain is positioned for paid visibility in that country.

About Searchmetrics
Searchmetrics is the global expert in search analytics software, empowering marketers to increase visibility and market share on the world’s leading search engines. We create value by providing the best quality data on a global scale. Clients and partners worldwide rely on Searchmetrics to maximize return from search investments with actionable insights that help better manage, improve and scale search marketing campaigns

Searchmetrics’ robust search marketing tool, Searchmetrics Suite, is supported by a unique server infrastructure that offers monitoring of over 100 search engines in over 30 countries worldwide. Searchmetrics Suite is also home to the Searchmetrics Essentials data modules, SEO+SEM and Social, encompassing the largest, fastest databases for search and social media available.

Headquartered in Berlin, with subsidiaries and offices in New York, London and Paris, the company delivers real web intelligence to a growing international customer base. You can follow Searchmetrics on Twitter @Searchmetrics or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Searchmetrics. For more information, please visit: www.searchmetrics.com.


Published on: 2:59PM on 13th February 2012