SEO company Promodo has taken a stronger grip on the world market by opening a new UK office.

The company has experienced astonishing growth since it launched in 2004 and now employs 70 people across three offices in Kharkov (Ukraine), Moscow (Russia) and Lincoln (UK). It has already won big clients in Germany and Spain and its turnover has now reached £3 million.

Although the company specialises in optimising web sites for the Russia-speaking market it is now evolving into a company that offers multi-language services across several regions.

“The British market needs experienced players with a track record of delivering promotional campaigns across different markets and niches across Europe. We think that bringing new expertise to the UK market can only improve the quality of SEO services overall,” said Roman Viliavin, Vice CEO Promodo.

Promodo’s highly qualified SEO professionals provide complex internet marketing in different languages to help business owners generate leads and new business in a hugely competitive market. Their approach embraces search engine optimisation, social networks, reputation management and customer friendly websites.

Besides customized marketing services the company provides SEO packages for small business companies and start-ups. Promodo has managed to automate many routine processes and that has enabled the company to provide high quality services for attractive prices.
Promodo is an Internet Marketing Company headquartered in Kharkov, Ukraine with branch offices in Moscow, Russia and Lincoln, United Kingdom. For more information please visit

Published on: 9:11AM on 14th February 2012